How to cure alcoholism at home yourself?

Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages may become a substrate for alcohol addiction. A sick person more and more often uses alcohol, considering this method of treating their own problems as the best form of de-stressing and clearing the mind. However, the problem may go deeper, having a destructive impact on professional, social and family life. Many people avoid professional help because they are afraid of opinions about themselves or do not see the essence of the problem and the negative impact of alcohol. This may result in increased aggression and depression. How to fight alcoholism and is it possible to cure alcoholism yourself?

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How to deal with an alcoholic at home?

When the hard drink abuser belongs to our immediate environment, we should act. It is worth following a few rules that can contribute to the improvement of the alcoholic’s health and reduce its destructive impact on family life. How to cure alcoholism at home? How to treat alcoholism in the case of a person who has decided to recover from addiction?

The alcoholic will never stop drinking if he or she does not undergo therapy or treatment – convince the person to take drug addiction treatment.

  • Forget about alcohol at home, even if the sick person persists in the resolution of sobriety.
  • Support me when I’m not drinking.
  • Talk openly about what to do, how to treat alcoholism at home so that the addiction does not come back.
  • Do not protect the alcoholic while drinking or re-drinking. Don’t protect him from the consequences.
  • Distance yourself from what the drunk person does and says.
  • Don’t let yourself be intimidated.
  • Do not trust promises made by someone intoxicated with alcohol.
  • Protect the alcoholic from access to alcohol.
  • Protect from people who associate and encourage you to drink alcohol.
  • Plan to spend time together – actively or for recreational purposes.
  • In the case of alcohol craving of the closest person, seek help from a therapist.

Alcoholism – how to treat it yourself?

There are several methods of treating alcoholism on your own. Patients who are unwilling or not ready to stay in addiction treatment centers can treat alcoholism individually. This type of problem management is carried out under constant medical supervision. Drug treatment is one of the ways to fight the disease. The patient decides to sew Disulfiram or Neltexone under the skin, it is also possible to use Nalmefene orally. Medicines are completely safe, however, before they are administered, a thorough interview is carried out with the patient and thorough medical examinations are carried out.

How to treat an alcoholic at home – Disulfiram

The purpose of inserting the drug under the skin is to induce the patient’s aversion to alcoholic beverages. This does not mean that the applied drug causes aversion on its own. Each patient who is offered this type of treatment is informed about the unpleasant effects caused by Disulfiram in combination with alcohol. After consuming alcohol, the patient experiences symptoms almost immediately, lasting up to 10 hours. This state of affairs is to effectively dissuade the sick person from consuming it again. The drug is active for approximately 12 months.

Treatment of alcoholism at home – Naltrexone

The method is considered to be more innovative in the field of pharmacological treatment. Naltrexone effectively prevents the consumption of alcohol due to the disturbance of biological predisposition to drinking alcohol. Therefore, it does not cause similar, unpleasant symptoms as Dusilfiram described above.

How to cure an alcoholic – Nalmefen

The second most modern drug used in the fight against alcohol. The action of drugs reduces the consumption of high-percentage drinks by affecting the receptors of the opioid system. This medication is used orally when the patient is hungry for alcohol or has already started to consume it. The drug causes a significant reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed.

The attending physician selects the drug taking into account the patient’s well-being and the effectiveness of the treatment.