The world was not prepared for the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic when it broke out early last year. A lot of workers in different professions were left unemployed due to government-imposed lockdown measures. However, while the impact was greater for some, others found it to be a blessing in disguise.

Due to the heightened level of stress, boredom and isolation that accompanied lockdown measures globally, many individuals turned online to keep themselves entertained and find an alternative to physical intimacy. One industry that boomed as a result of this was the adult entertainment industry. There was an immediate surge in queries seeking nudes for celebrities, business women or any women with fame. I personally tried looking for tina louise nude pics many times, since I’ve been following her for her sudden success in the restaurant business. Reports showed that some of the biggest porn sites witnessed record-high traffic during the peak of lockdown—presenting an opportunity for women who were either new or active in the industry.

A lot of women who were left unemployed by the pandemic turned to webcams to earn money, especially since it attracted more audience than traditional pre-recorded porn. As the popularity of webcam sites continue to grow, the amount of money that can be made from these platforms is providing financial independence to many ladies.

Emma, an adult webcam model from Washington in the U.S., reveals how becoming a webcam model on BongaCams, a popular adult webcam site, has increased her earnings during the peak of the pandemic. 

“If someone told me six months ago how sharply my life would change, I wouldn’t believe it!” she said in an Instagram post where she showed off a $28,296.03 paycheque which she earned in just one month of being a webcam model on BongaCams. 

Now, by just offering personalized webcam services on the platform, Emma earns more than six times the average monthly salary in the U.S., even while working fewer hours. On Instagram, where she has quickly garnered a large following, Emma regularly promoters her webcam services to attract new subscribers. For her, despite still being an amateur, becoming a webcam model was one of the best decisions she has made, especially considering the impact the pandemic had on the economy. 

“Thank you, BongaCams!!! Thanks to everyone who watches my broadcasts and makes my every day happier!” she said in another Instagram post which attracted numerous likes after she revealed making more than $4,000 in one day. 

Occasionally, Emma shares her experience as a webcam model with her Instagram audience, teaching them how to attract more subscribers, make more money, block certain users in specific regions from gaining access to their broadcast due to piracy concerns and other additional services one can offer on BongaCams to earn more money.

From whatever location in the world, with a good internet connection, a mobile phone or computer and an attractive personality, anyone can become a successful webcam model and gain the financial independence they need to navigate these uncertain times. There are no special requirements needed to join BongaCams; as long as your 18 years and older, you can gain access to the site and offer a variety of digital services.