While we surf the web, our browser keeps us apprised of our browsing history, site cache, cookies, auto fill login information, search preferences, browsed sessions, chat history, and more. As long as we don’t delete this, all of this will keep loading. You should not keep your online habits on file since this leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers and intruders. A month-old recorded browsing history will also slow down your PC’s performance and might even cause it to be unresponsive once you turn on the computer and search for something.

Your browser stores information from a website in temporary files in its cache when you view it for the first time. By going back to the site again, your browser will use the cache copy instead of downloading it all over again from the Internet. Your overall browsing experience will be sped up by this process. You can load web pages from the cache version of the website faster if they contain many different elements. Caching files can be disadvantageous, though, and clearing the cache can often prove useful.

Due to the fact that the browser records the browsing habits of the user, it isn’t safe for them to remain in the browsing history. It is therefore essential that you install Privacy Shield, a program that cleans your browser history. The tool automatically removes cookies, website cache, and browser history after just one click. Browser history cleaning software is one of the most important programs because none of us wants to be monitored and tracked. If you browse the web often, it is necessary to install browser history cleaners on your computer to remove it all from your browser’s memory space. This keeps your online identity protected. You can fully secure your identity along with optimizing your computer’s performance when you delete all the junk files from your browser folder.

In addition to cleaning your browser history, PC Shield privacy brings you many other benefits as well. It helps in keeping your computer and data safe from prying eyes and protects you from intruders. As a result, none of your chat records or logs can be misused or targeted to extort money out of you in exchange for returning your locked data.  It provides you with protection of your online login information and credentials, as well as secure deletion of files that cannot be recovered.

With it, you have all-around security, and it will perform automatic schedule scans and clean your browser history as well to ensure you remain secure at all times. You’re PC and any information you store on it will be protected with Privacy Shield.

How Privacy Shield is the Need of the Hour?

1.    Maximizing speed and performance

When you spend a lot of time on the Internet or visit a lot of websites, you can build up a large cache. If you already have low hard drive capacity, this will affect the speed and performance of your computer. Cleaning the cache may just speed things back up by freeing up some space.

It’s possible that the changes won’t make a huge difference — you’re probably going to see only a small improvement.

2.    Viewing Most Recent Pages

Your cache checks for updates every time you revisit a website, so that it can show you the latest content. Cached pages are not always updated; sometimes they load their older versions instead, so you may not always see the latest version. You will receive updated information and pages if you clear the cache periodically.

3.    Maintaining security

Unless you are using a private computer, clearing your cache can help protect your privacy when using a public or shared computer. Anyone using the computer and browser after you can find out what you are doing if you do not do this. Some websites require the cache to store private information, which could be accessed by another user of the computer. The temporary files in the cache can also be infected with adware, malware, and viruses.

4.    Fixing Browser Errors

You can sometimes experience problems with your browser because of the cache. Some websites may load slowly, not open, return errors, hang after a certain point, or otherwise fail to respond properly. Often, clearing your browser’s cache will solve these kinds of errors.

  • Removes Tracking Cookies

A text program known as a ‘cookie’ is used to track web browsing patterns. Cookie files are small text files that are sent to the browser of a user when they are visiting a particular website. Browsers save this information and use it to keep track of their search histories. Since cookies are primarily used for advertising purposes, there are a variety of reasons why they can cause problems. It is therefore possible to delete one’s history on the web and cover one’s tracks as the cookies are automatically deleted.

  • Maintains Privacy

Deleted browser histories act as a step towards maintaining an individual’s privacy. In failing to remove history, users leave themselves open to countless hackers, who can use the data to track their future behaviour and set them up for scams. Cookies can also introduce malware and viruses into a computer. If history is deleted regularly, it can be avoided.

  • Speeds up Your Browser

When people choose to delete their browsing histories, they can also improve their browser’s performance. A browser history, cookies, and cache can be helpful if individuals frequently experience network timeouts or web pages are taking a long time to load. A web browser can become sluggish over time because of unnecessary data collected. When deleting the history of the browser on a weekly or fortnightly basis, it keeps it running optimally.

  • Additional Disk Space

By regularly deleting the browser history, people can free up space on the hard drive. Web browsers usually save the information they collect during web browsing on the hard drive of a computer. Hard disk overload can have an effect not just on the browser, but also on the entire computer. In addition, people have difficulty adding new documents or programs to their computers due to the lack of available memory. You can free up disk space by deleting the browser history without sacrificing important files.


Thus, the benefits of PC privacy shield are many and thus ignoring this can lead to hazardous effects on your PC.


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