When dentists look inside your mouth and ask you how often you floss, they’re not just looking for holes. They can see a lot more than just tooth decay. Your overall health is greatly affected by the health of your lips, especially your gums.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when dentists look at the mouth, they look for signs of oral cancer. But some much less obvious health problems can also show up in your mouth.

 Pregnant Alert

One look at a Minnesota pregnant woman’s mouth is enough for her dentists edina mn to tell her that she is pregnant. You can’t say that this is all magic. Gut inflammation, or gingivitis, happens to most pregnant women during their pregnancy. The hormone progesterone makes it easy for germs to grow in the mouth, which leads to gingivitis.

You Floss Rarely And Just Before Your Dentist Appointment

They won’t think you floss every day just because you did it the night before or had a deep cleaning the days before your appointment. When someone flosses right before going to the dentist, their gums usually bleed and look hurt, while healthy gums look pink and new.

Biting Your Nails Is One Of Your Bad Habits

People who bite their nails may have chipped or cracked teeth, which lets them know that the person has a bad habit.

 Also, they might look like they’re worn off because your nails are so hard and your top and bottom teeth are brushing against each other all the time. People living in California know biting nails could make teeth look bad cause gum disease culver city ca

You Are Vitamin-Deficient

If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, you might get mouth infections more often, gums that bleed or get swollen when you brush your teeth, and tissue that falls off inside your mouth. By looking at your mouth, your dentist can easily tell which ones these are. 

Eating Disorder

Many people are shocked when their dentists ask them if they have an eating problem. People with eating disorders, like bulimia, wear down their teeth in a very specific way that is easy for your dentist to spot. Almost all of this wears away on the tongue side of the front teeth, which can lead to more cavities.

You May Have Oral Cancer

Some of the first signs of oral cancer are a sore that won’t go away, pain that won’t go away, and a lump or growth in the cheek. 

A sore in the mouth that won’t heal is the most common sign of oral cancer. By looking at your mouth, your dentist can easily tell which ones these are. A biopsy of any suspect tissue should be done by an oral surgeon after the dentist’s evaluation.

You Enjoy Gatorade

Chipped teeth don’t just happen by chance; there may be a reason why the teeth became so weak in the first place. Over time, drinking sweet drinks may soften the enamel on your teeth, which can make them more likely to break. Soft drinks are probably not as acidic as energy drinks, so they might hurt tooth enamel even more.