You set the table, picked out your outfit, and prepared the food. But you could be missing out on one key element that could take your special event from good to unforgettable.

The floral decor! Don’t count out florals when decorating for any upcoming events. Flower arrangements are appropriate for many occasions, especially if you’re working with a great florist who can design with your events theme and color scheme in mind.

Here are a few popular occasions that call for beautiful floral decor! 


Ever heard how plants and flowers can be a mood booster? That could explain why the worldwide flower industry is predicted to grow 6% in the next few years. Well, this is especially true for a big day like a wedding! Soothe your wedding jitters and put your guests in a good mood with great floral decor.

A quality florist can work with you or your wedding planner on decor ideas best for your venue and wedding color palette.

And you can think bigger than just vases on the table! You can add a floral ceremony backdrop, florals lining the aisles, floral archways, and more! For the leading wedding florist in Washington D.C., look no further than

Coming-of-Age Events

Planning a big celebration for your child becoming an adult can be overwhelming! You may not have thought of it before, but floral decor can make decorating for this special event a little easier.

You likely won’t need crazy floral arrangements for coming-of-age events like a bar/bat mitzvah or quinceanera. But arrangements for the tables will never steer you wrong! Consider your child’s birth flower, the season of the celebration,¬†and work from there. There’s certainly no harm in doing something extra special!


In the difficult event of the death of a loved one, the most important thing is to be reminded of the support of others around you. The best way to do that is by gifting a flower arrangement! But sometimes you have to be the one planning a funeral, and floral decor can help honor your dearly departed. 

Consider white flowers in a wreath with other foliage as an option. You can hang the wreath near the casket during the viewing. It’s also helpful to have flower arrangements on hand for guests to lay near the grave once the departed has been laid to rest.


Transform your ordinary home into an extraordinary event space for the holidays with florals! There’s hardly a holiday that couldn’t use floral decor to honor the celebration.

Create a wonderful centerpiece for your dinner table, or hang wreaths on the door! Consult a florist and do your research on the flowers most appropriate for each holiday. For example, poinsettias are one of the best flowers for Christmastime.

Excellent Floral Decor for All Special Occasions

You don’t need a special reason to use floral decor. Dinner parties or family gatherings are great occasions to hire a florist to make your event extra special.

You can celebrate the arrival of spring with beautiful greenery or welcome fall with a rustic arrangement with autumnal hues. Think of how floral decor can help take a retirement party, birthday party, or work event to the next level! 

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