Manufactured home insurance or mobile home insurance stands for insurance for your home sweet home’s protection against any wreckage. It is not mentioned as black and white on paper but law enforcement, mobile phone companies, home mortgage companies, and even homeowners demand one. Houses with insurance get the benefit of coverage if something bad happens to their humble abode. 

Mobile home insurance covers simple policies that will protect your home, liability coverage, personal belongings inside your home. Manufactured or mobile homes have a few quirky characteristics. An average mobile home costs $75,000. It will be a very wise decision to invest in insurance. For US based houses, mobile home insurance Louisiana based companies can be helpful. While the policies may look expensive and complex, they will save you a ton when your home goes through any damage. The coverage will prevent future financial losses for your home. 

More About Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance should cover quite a few areas for you. Most mobile home insurance companies let clients and policymakers customize their policies. This is done through a legal system called endorsements. Endorsements act as bonus points in your insurance as they provide coverage such as water seepage problems, septic sewage fixes, and debris removal.

There are many factors that are affecting mobile home insurance rates:

  • Model year
  • Location
  • Coverage Limits
  • Recent Claims
  • Skirting
  • Tie-Down Homes

Some Extra Benefits of Mobile Home Insurance are:

  1. Liability Protection

This coverage protects the situation when a person is injured on the property. If unfortunate events unfold like your home getting struck by lightning, or a tree falling on your site damaging any item, as an owner you will be held liable for it. This coverage makes the availability of legal defence fees getting covered. However, the assistance is provided only up to the limit you opt for.   

  1. Personal Property

Mobile home insurance protects all your personal belongings, whether they are lost, damaged, or stolen. If a burglary takes place and supposedly a very valuable item is stolen from the premises of your home, then this clause covers the cost of your stolen item. These claims can be made only if you invest yourself in an insurance deductible. 

  1. Additional Living Expense

If you are having some financial shortfalls, then the additional living expense covers your living expenses so you get compensation whilst living elsewhere. For example, if your home had a fire emergency, then the mobile home insurance Louisiana based firm will pay for the accommodation costs when you stay elsewhere.  

Mobile home insurance includes almost all of the coverage afforded by other homeowners insurance policies. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction implementing the Safety Standards Act of 1974 which regulates and investigates cases of the policies and mobile home insurance-related cases.


The popularity of mobile homes is on the rise but there are some complications in the legal system, which it was not prepared to handle. Originally, mobile homes which are mostly factory-made were taxed as vehicles, not real estate. This resulted in a decrease in property tax rates for the inhabitants. Hence, local governments reclassified them for taxation procedures.

The ability to move many of these pre-made homes into smaller areas resulted in strains to the governmental and infrastructure services such as sewage disposal and highway congestion. That led jurisdictions to begin placing limitations on the size and density of developments.

That is why, mobile home insurance is so important for homeowners as they provide the legal support and confidence to tackle such loopholes in the complex housing system. Kelly Lee Insurance, mobile home insurance Louisiana based company offers you great options where you can also add your preferred number of endorsements in your contract. 

Contact the top-notch mobile home insurance company and keep your home assured in distressing times.