12 Signs That Indicate Your Body Is Sensitive To Sugar

Signs Body Is Sensitive To Sugar

It is difficult to notice when there is too much sugar in your diet because dietary habits form and change gradually.

But our body clearly has a balanced mechanism; if your mind does not notice an excessive craving for sweets, the body will let you understand it in other ways. We will tell you what symptoms indicate that your body does not tolerate sugar well.

Symptoms Of Poor Sugar Tolerance

The following signs show that your body is sensitive to sugar. 

  1. Feeling Tired After Eating

Think about how you feel after eating sweets. If you reach for coffee after dessert and start falling asleep at your desk, this may be due to fluctuations in blood sugar.

According to Amanda, MD, a nutritionist, people whose bodies process sugar normally become energetic and full after eating sugary foods. On the other hand, those who are especially sensitive to sugar tend to feel irritable, sleepy, and fatigued.

  1. You Have Become Very Emotional

An unstable mood can be caused by fluctuations in blood sugar levels. In addition, there are studies that prove the link between the consumption of sugary carbohydrate foods, drinks, and depression.

Although there can be many reasons for an unstable psychological state, what we eat significantly affects our physical and mental well-being. The easiest way to find out if increased emotionality is related to sugar is to temporarily cut back on sugar and observe how you feel.

  1. You Feel Severe Weakness, Dizziness, Irritability From Hunger

Low blood sugar can cause a condition called hypoglycemia. Symptoms of this syndrome include increased aggressiveness, irritability, sweating, dizziness, nausea, hunger, and general weakness. 

After sugary food or drinks, the person feels better quickly, but not for long. If you feel these symptoms that disappear after a snack, it is worth contacting your doctor.

  1. You Often Have Bloating And Other Bowel Problems

Bowel problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and constipation can be associated with an overgrowth of candida caused by sugar. When you eat or drink a lot of sweets, fermentation begins in the stomach, which produces a lot of gas. Thus, a person suffers from bowel problems.

  1. You Have A Strong Craving For Sweets

If you constantly crave sweets or feel that you are not full, although you eat a lot of unsweetened foods, the reason may also be due to surges in blood glucose. Regular sugar cravings are due to lower levels of sugar in the body. Addiction can manifest itself in the need to make sure to finish every meal with a dessert or snack on something sweet during the day.

  1. You Feel Joint Pain

Another sign that indicates that you are consuming way too much sugar is feeling pain in the body and joints. As indicated by nutritionist Lauren Minchen, standard spikes in blood glucose can prompt general aggravation. It contributes to aging, digestive problems, and joint pain. If you feel like you’re falling apart due to body pain, it might be time to rethink your diet.

  1. You Have Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is another indication of poor sugar tolerance. Even after eating a little piece of brownie or any other sugar food, a person’s mouth becomes dry. Several other reasons such as abusing the prescribed medication, not drinking enough water, and consuming alcohol excessively can also be causing dryness in the mouth. For knowing the actual cause of having a more frequent dry mouth, visit your doctor.

  1. You Became Absent-Minded And Lethargic

Absent-mindedness, drowsiness, constant fatigue, lack of motivation, and energy can also be symptoms of the harmful effects of sugar on the body. It is especially worthwhile to be on your guard if these conditions are aggravated after plentiful carbohydrate or sugary foods. 

This is how the body signals that it burns and stores glucose more slowly than you consume it. Plus, when you eat too much sugar, your body has to make extra insulin and cortisol, which leads to fatigue.

  1. You Can’t Sleep At Night

There can be many reasons for insomnia or frequent waking up in the middle of the night, such as stress, excess caffeine, abuse of electronic devices, or lack of a regimen. Sugar is also among the disturbers of your night peace. 

Eating a lot of sugary foods throughout the day or before bed can prevent the body from entering deep sleep, which means rest and recovery. A 2016 study confirmed a link between increased carbohydrate and sugar intake with restless sleep patterns and trouble falling asleep.

  1. Your Skin Condition Is Getting Worse

Our skin is incredibly sensitive to sugar. This is probably due to the insulin response, which triggers a chain of endocrine and hormonal changes that cause inflammation in the skin. If you’ve noticed that your skin has become sorer lately, this is a clear sign that it’s time to listen to your body and pay attention to your diet.

  1. You Have More Headaches

According to Dr. Hatipoglu, dehydration for any reason can cause headaches. When there is high sugar tolerance, the liver has to work excessively to remove and filter excess glucose, causing dehydration. 

As a result, a person starts having more frequent episodes of headache. Of course, a headache can be a symptom of many different things, but it’s worth checking to see if it’s something new or combined with other symptoms. 

  1. You Have Blurred Vision

According to the Cleveland Clinic, high sugar tolerance can affect some unexpected parts of the body, such as the eyes. That is, more sugar (along with a little water) enters the crystals in the center of the eye, which causes a blurring effect, explains Dr. Hatipoglu. But this is not permanent and is not the same as eye damage that can occur over a long period of time in a condition such as diabetes.

Take Away

Only through proper diagnosis can one tell if his/her body is glucose intolerant. However, when you get it, you need to change your lifestyle immediately because if you don’t, you’ll have to take anti-diabetic medication to get rid of this problem.

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