Did you know there are 153,700 roofing positions? Do you need a commercial roofer? If you want to learn when to repair your commercial roof, we can help.

This guide will go over signs you need a commercial roof repair.

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1. You Noticed Water Stains

If your commercial roof isn’t watertight, moisture will slip inside.

It can create humidity and stain your ceiling. This increases the chances of rodent or insect problems.

Water can slip inside through the rooftop and soak into the walls and insulation.

2. Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Your roof might no longer remain reflective. Your cooling system will end up working harder to keep a comfortable temperature.

Have you noticed your energy bills increased? You might need to get a commercial repair done.

3. Bubbles on the Roof

Some business owners will inspect the top of the roof. Roof bubbles occur from moisture that builds up below the top layer.

If you notice bubbles on your roof, you should get a commercial repair done.

4. Your Roof Has Started to Sag

Low or sagging spots on your roof reveal a problem. The problem might be below the top surface of your roof.

Previous sitting water could have compressed the roof insulation. The roof deck joist might have gotten broken.

5. What About Open Seams?

If you see mechanical fastenings breaking down, water will slip into the open seams.

You should get a commercial roof repair done if the seams aren’t sealed.

6. Clogged Drains

You should always inspect the downspouts after a significant storm or rainfall.

Sometimes, rain can get clogged into the drains. The clogged interior drains and scuppers will cause ponding.

7. Roof Flashing Is Broken

If you walk on your roof to inspect it, check the metal flashing. Look at the metal flashing around the roof piercings and the parapet.

Did you see some gaps? You should call in a professional. Sometimes, business owners will notice dislodged or missing flashing as well.

The metal edge detail running along the perimeter of your roof needs to get inspected.

The metal flashing is a critical part of your commercial roof.

The flashing will seal joints that get a lot of water. It prevents moisture from damaging your roofing system.

When roof flashing isn’t well sealed, water will enter your roof. You could end up with an expensive commercial roofing repair.

Address this problem right away. You can prevent water from damaging your roof and commercial building.

You could also prevent this problem by getting an inspection done twice a year.

A roofing professional can come and check your roof. They will look for issues with the flashing or broken shingles.

It’s worth it to bring in a professional. They will provide preventive maintenance repairs.

8. What About a Cracked Roof Surface?

You should look for blisters or cracks. This means moisture is trapped and could cause a leak.

Cracking occurs if moisture pockets get stuck between the roof membrane and deck.

Over time, these issues can worsen and turn into expensive repairs.

9. Standing Water

After a rainfall, standing water on flat roofs is expected. Yet, if the rain doesn’t evaporate or drain in a few days, you might have a problem.

If you leave the standing water, you could deal with leaks, sagging, or Mold growth.

10. Musty Smells

Another major warning is if you begin to smell a musty odor.

A foul smell is often a sign of water breaching your commercial roof. If you notice this smell or see mildew growth on the ceiling, take action.

You should hire a Mold remediation company. Otherwise, your employees could get affected.

Have a professional roofing inspector check for any problematic areas.

11. Dealing With Unstable Material

Exposure to extreme storms and weather conditions will loosen roofing materials. You could end up with loosened shingles, gutters, or sheets.

Do you have a large area of loose materials? This could cause roof damage and affect your commercial roof’s lifespan. Call in a professional commercial roofer. Check out this roofing company.

12. How Old Is the Roof?

Your roof will begin to break down as time passes. You should bring in an inspector to check your roof. They will tell you if it’s time for a replacement.

If your roof is decades old, you will need to get a new roof. You don’t want to compromise the structure of your commercial building.

Call a Professional

You should call a trusted roofing professional if you need help.

Don’t let minor roofing problems be super severe. You might have a significant problem with your roof.

Deal with any of these issues as soon as possible. This way, you can prevent any more damage To your roof and business.

Look for a trusted roofing contractor. Find one with excellent reviews, years of experience, and proper insurance.

The roofing contractor will complete an inspection of your roof. They will explain what your options are and potential solutions.

Sometimes, your roof won’t need a complete replacement. Other times, you might need to do an extensive repair.

Prevent an Expensive Commercial Roof Repair

We hope this guide on signs you need a commercial roof repair was helpful. You should look out for loose roofing materials after a storm. If standing water hasn’t evaporated, call in a professional.

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