If you have high blood sugar, it can deteriorate your nervous and circulatory systems. As a result, individuals with diabetic nerve damage encounter reduced sensation in the feet, and it quickly falls prey to the injuries. That’s why most people use diabetic socks to keep their feet dry and improve circulation, and the chances of foot injury are also reduced.

Diabetic socks are designed to enhance blood circulation and reduce the risks of injuries. Most people don’t realise that these socks are nitty-gritty, but people who have experienced foot injuries have ordered bulk diabetic socks. However, these socks are not necessary for every individual with diabetes. If you want to buy socks, you can include them as a critical part of foot care. Nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy lowers the foot’s sensation and increases the risk of injury. 

The effect of diabetes on your feet

Diabetes can also deteriorate blood vessels in your eyes, scalp, stomach, fingers, toes and foot. People with diabetes may encounter high blood sugar levels occasionally, but high HbA1c levels will gradually deteriorate the blood vessels and nerves in your body. 

If the blood vessels and nerves are damaged, it will reduce the sensation and feeling in the foot. When you have a high blood sugar level with a loss of feeling in the foot, a trivial cut on foot can fall prey to infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, minor infections, aka foot ulcers, can nudge a person with diabetes to get an amputation. 

If the condition in your feet can’t be treated using non-invasive treatments, the chances of spreading throughout your toes are high, and amputation is the final option to save your leg and life.

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Diabetic socks – Overview

Socks are generally created for individuals with diabetes to keep their feet dry, prevent rubbing and enhance blood circulation. Most people are unaware of the difference between diabetic and ordinary socks. Diabetic socks are made using quality fabric that wicks moisture away and helps keep your feet dry throughout the day. 

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Regular socks and shoes throughout the day may keep your feet damp, and the simple cuts or blisters might take longer to heal, resulting in dangerous infections. Most diabetic socks are created using spandex, elastic, lycra, cotton, nylon, viscose and bamboo.

People with diabetes can consider wearing these socks to save their feet from foot ulcers. You can order bulk diabetic socks, which will help you stock socks for everyday use. Having many pairs of diabetic socks will help you wear them without difficulties, and you don’t have to worry about blisters, poor circulation or possible foot infection.

Features you should consider while selecting the diabetic socks

Whether you purchase diabetes socks online or at pharmacies, consider several features. You must select socks created using acrylic fibres to wick moisture away and ensure that your feet are dry all day. To decrease rubbing and the risk of blisters, you need to select diabetic socks without seams. 

Padded soles can provide ultimate comfort for the wearer as they come with cushioning. As you know, the socks are worn to keep moisture and infection at bay. You need to evaluate the antimicrobial properties of the socks. Many manufacturers create diabetes socks with copper or silver-infused yarn.

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Diabetic socks are available in many online stores, and you can consider the properties mentioned earlier, like padding, no seams, loose fit and more. Find the right store to buy quality socks made using premium materials.

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