Research shows that third parties help resolve 86% of cases out of court. When living in a society, disputes between two parties are inevitable.

Even after going through a collaborative process, the parties may fail to reach a consensus. The situation becomes harder when it involves family members.

No matter how heavy the dispute, it’s wise to look for favorable ways to resolve it. Dispute resolution law provides parties with different methods to reach an agreement. Everyone favors the use of third parties because they will approach the case from a neutral ground.

Before seeking help from a dispute resolution center, it’s worthwhile to understand what procedure will work best for you. Read about the three types of alternative dispute resolution methods in this overview.

1. Meditation

Meditation works best when the two parties need a little push to reach a consensus on their own. This is common with family members or partners. The mediator knows it’s best not to impose a solution of their own since one party may feel left out.

Dispute resolution law requires mediators to go through various solutions to the problem. Mediation works best for parties who needed to understand the cause of friction.

Mediators allow both parties to vent out their feelings. In some cases, mediators work with both parties separately before they can hold a meeting with all parties. This is critical in coming up with a long-lasting solution.

2. Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that calls for a more formal setup than meditation.

In this situation, the third party involved is a judge who must be well conversant with the law. However, the matter will be resolved out of court.

Dispute resolution law demands the arbitrator to consider both sides of the story. The arbitrator presents the evidence and renders a final decision on the case. The decision is crucial as it’s enforceable by the justice system.

Most business disputes use arbitrators to avoid going to court. Besides, the majority of online dispute resolution services use arbitration. Services like RPA go the extra mile to submit claims on behalf of customers.

3. Litigation

Litigation is the most expensive out of the three dispute resolution methods. When in dispute, resolution through litigation should be your last option.

Not only is it expensive, but it’s also a time-consuming method. Most people avoid this alternative since it entails spending a lot of resources on attorney fees.

Litigation requires both parties to appear in a court of law. The third parties involved in this case are the judge and jury. They weigh the evidence of the defendant against that of the plaintiff then come up with a decision.

Types of Dispute Resolution

As highlighted above, there are three main types of dispute resolution methods. When in conflict with a partner or a family member, consider using a mediator.

Arbitration works best for business conflict situations. Use the method that best applies to your unique situation.

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