If you have kids who are usually sick, then the issue is in your house. You, you read it correctly. Kids touch everything and try to lick everything, and when they do that, germs are their friends. They go into their body through several means and make your babies ill.

Keeping your house germs-free is a job you sign up for after having kids. 

From running from one place to another, they are never at peace. We understand your worries towards it and how stressful it can be for you, which is why here are 4 significant tips that you can follow to keep your home germ-free.

1. Cleaning is a must

For a house blessed with kids, you don’t want your babies ill at the time. Save them from unnecessary drama and set a regular cleaning routine, which must include daily cleaning and mopping, disinfection, cleaning of bathrooms and most importantly, cleaning the play area of your beloved babies.

Knowingly or unknowingly, our kids come in contact with harmful germs from every place they touch which later can cause them health crises. Maintaining a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine is advised.

2. Always be ready for in-depth cleaning

As much as we talk about regular cleaning, in-depth cleaning is also a must. Although the work gets easier if you are maintaining daily hygiene and tidiness around the place and there is no pilling up, you still need to make sure everything is 100% safe for your family.

In-depth cleaning can include several tasks like cleaning carpets, rugs, and curtains which is not easy if you have babies. But don’t worry; there are several upholstery cleaning services out there that will happily take your job and do it for you with a chunk of money.

Investing your money here will not cost you a lot but will save you a lot of time.

3. Don’t forget about dusting

Dusting and disinfecting areas are always as crucial as mopping and dishwashing. Places your kids touch and play at must be thoroughly dusted and free from impurities and germs. Using a quality disinfectant is highly recommended for this job.

4. Furniture is also a carrier of germs

Never turn your back on the furniture. Yes, that’s no other way to say it. Never not clean your furniture especially if you are a mom of toddlers who are always running and playing all the time.

Kids can easily get attacked by germs from furniture they sit on and play, from dirty sofas to unclean dining tables and whatnot. No place is safe for the kids if it is not part of your cleaning routine. It’s okay, moms, we got you! Explore residential pressure washing and ensure your home is free from germs.


We hope these tips are helpful for you and you incorporate them into your daily life. Dont stress unnecessarily take help from a nanny and a professional and make your place healthy and happy again.  Happy cleaning!