We all like to chuckle at translation fails that go viral. But when it comes to your business or important personal documents, accurate translation is no laughing matter.

Whether you’re expanding your company to a foreign country or you’re applying for an international visa or permit, your documents must be flawless. For this reason, many people entrust their needs to professional document translation services.

Is this also the right choice for you? Here are five reasons why you should seek a translation company today.

1. More Resources

Any company that specializes in document translation will have a large pool of resources to draw from. They hire, not just people who happen to be bilingual, but people who are trained, experienced translation professionals.

A translation company often focuses on a particular niche, such as medical, legal, or marketing. This is invaluable because these niches often come with their own lingo that a layperson (or a machine) simply isn’t familiar with.

2. Extensive Knowledge

Don’t get us wrong — there are some amazing AI translation tools and programs online. But even the best machine isn’t capable of understanding subtleties of communication such as tone, context, and intent.

If you choose to use an amateur or a machine for document translation, you risk poor results. At best, your target audience will laugh at the mistakes. More likely, though, you or your company will come across as unprofessional and unskilled — neither of which is the goal you’re hoping to achieve.

3. Cultural Considerations

It’s not enough to know how to translate a particular word or thought. Phrases and sayings that make sense in one language (i.e., “it’s raining cats and dogs”) may get lost in translation in a different language.

Metaphors, humor, and sarcasm often do not cross the cultural divide. Even something as simple as dates can get you in trouble. While the US uses the month-day-year format, most of the world uses the day-month-year format.

A translation company understands these issues and considers all factors when preparing documents.

4. Ensures Accuracy

There’s no room for error on medical, legal, or business documents. With a poor translation, you could convey the wrong idea in an important contract.

You could find yourself in legal trouble over a miscommunication. In a medical setting, the wrong translation could lead to a misdiagnosis or result in somebody getting sick, injured, or worse.

5. Save Time & Money

Chances are you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to prepare translated documents yourself. Even if you did, you almost certainly lack the skills to ensure the documents are error-free and culturally appropriate.

Document translation services might seem like an unnecessary cost, but the truth is just the opposite. It’s an investment in your business and your future, making you look like the professional that you are.

Hire Document Translation Services Today

The benefits of using document translation services are clear. You’ll get a high-quality product by the time you need it while saving time, money, and hassle.

Don’t settle for anything less. Look for a company that specializes in translation projects and give them a call today!

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