With the ever-rising prices of natural resources, the homeowners are now searching for ways to cut their gas and oil bills, without having to compromise too much on their comfort. That’s why it is hardly surprising that Fan Heaters are now replacing the traditional gas heaters. 

Using a  Fan Heater is a smart choice, as rather than wasting energy heating the entire home, fan heaters would only warm the places of your house that are most in use. To put it in a nutshell, using a fan heater is giving yourself the most bang for bucks!

 Let’s find out how and why!


A heater that works by blowing warm air in your living space is most affordable. As its simple design makes it affordable, as well as efficient. 

Most of the time, the unit contains heating ceramic plates and aluminium baffles,  both of them get heated when an electric current passes through them. The generated heat is then passed outwards in a form of warm air. Heating the unit requires a very little amount of energy, making a fan heater an excellent and long-term and low-risk investment.

Safe Usage

The ceramic in the fan heater makes them a very safe way to heat your home. This is due to the fact that the heated ceramic does not get as hot as other elements. Moreover, some of the fan heaters are built to reduce the flow of current once the temperature reaches a certain heat limit.

 To enable yourself to get the most out of your fan heater with utmost safety, here are few tips worth your consideration:

  • Prefer to get a fan heater that can automatically turn itself off, if it gets tipped over or get overheat.
  • Follow the safety guidelines that come with your fan heaters.
  • Never leave your fan heater near combustible substances and make sure you don’t leave the heater completely unattended. 
  • Clean the appliance regularly, to increase its efficiency.


Unlike traditional heaters that are fixed in a place for a lifetime, fan heaters can easily be carried from room to room. Most of the fan heaters come with handles, so you can enjoy the customized cosy air anywhere you like.

Furthermore, they are compact and usually come in a single piece, which can easily be fit anywhere. The only thing that you require is a working electrical outlet and you are good to go. Due to the portability of fan heaters, they are considered to be highly versatile appliances.

The petite size of room heaters and no extra installation, make them great for outdoor adventures as well.

No Nuisance

Although fan heaters are completely silent, they are proven to be shockingly undisruptive. So if you are someone who finds it hard to focus, with the background noise, you should consider getting a fan heater. Even if you get disturbed by the low sound fan heaters produce, it would still be a profitable purchase as the affordability and portability do not get outweighed by its sound. 

Besides low hum of heaters can be soothing for some people, because it will block all the background noise that is constantly diverting your focus.  A steady whirring sound of the fan can mask the effect of zooming cars and creaking doors. 

Warms The Space Like A Dream

A fan heater is the most versatile choice of heating, as it warms the entire room. This will help you move around in your room during, winters rather than just cocooning yourself in the blanket. Listed below are some of the benefits of warming the air of your room:

  1. The atmosphere in your room will remain warm even after you turn off the fan heater.
  2.  The fan heater will give 100 square feet of energy for every thousand watts, which will prove to be adequate heat insulation in your room. 
  3. Since most of the fan heaters come with a couple of power settings, they offer you more control and adjustment options.

It is preferable to get fan heaters with an adjustable thermostat, as this allows you to set the most optimal temperature. Make sure your fan heaters come with a warranty because it is always a good idea to get a fan heater that comes with at least one year warranty, as it can make you feel more confident about your purchase.