77% of all projects implement some form of software to help work towards the completion of the project. Getting every task completed before the deadline approaches can be challenging and seemingly impossible without the proper project management tools.

For that reason, we’ve decided to provide you a list of the top project management software options your business has to choose from. Not only will you increase your team’s efficiency, but you’ll also reduce some of the stress that comes with it.

  1. Roadmunk

Businesses like bluescreen.se/webbyra/ understand the importance of creating a roadmap before rolling out new products and services. A roadmap is a way to put your product development strategy on display for the entire team to see.

Roadmunk is one of the most popular project management systems out there for businesses to use. It can help you create a product roadmap, which can increase the interest of investors.

If you find your team has trouble seeing the vision, this tool will be helpful, not to mention it allows for team members to give input on the project that can ensure a quality result.

  1. Basecamp

Is your business on track for fast growth? If so, you’re going to need to use a form of software that can keep up with you as you continue to scale.

Basecamp makes the growth process straightforward because it provides one space for you and your team to collaborate on various tasks. You can create a to-do list, and as items are checked, they will reflect on the dashboard of everyone.

You’re also able to chat with different group members and schedule meetings if needed.

  1. Confluence

Another project manager software that improves team collaboration is Confluence. Within one company, there are bound to be several departments.

Each department plays its own part in a project, but sharing files in one place can become confusing. Confluence gives each team their own personal space to share files and communicate with each other.

One of the advantages to using this software is if you bring in newer employees, you don’t have to spend an excess of time and resources catching them up on what’s going on.

  1. Wrike

If you work in an industry such as real estate, you understand your site will feature several listings at one time. This means you will need software that can support the constant changes being made to the site.

Wrike is beneficial because it allows you to customize your project dashboard. It can display projects you’ve got going on personally as well as business projects that need to be completed.

  1. Asana

Are you looking for a tool that automates tasks you and your team need to complete? Asana makes this easy because instead of continuously creating these tasks, it will automate them for you.

If you create a new workflow instead of having to send it to everyone, all you’ve got to do is invite them to the workflow where they can view all changes made.

Project Management Tools to Know

You can never have too many project management tools within your company. Several can help you keep track of different tasks you need to complete and help you increase team collaboration.

We’re sure you’ve got a project you need to focus on, but before you go, take the time to scroll through some of our other posts.