Does gifting your in-laws intimidate you as well; or are you normal? With a new family, it can be tough to know what to give people as gifts and making a good impression is really important. Bid goodbye to those typical coffee mugs and décor items and say hello to these unique gift item for your in-laws. Our list of 5 has something for everyone in the family.

  1. Personalised cutting board

If your mother in-law is the head chef of the house, then she already must be having a few cutting boards. But what her kitchen misses is her very own personalised wooden cutting board with her name engraved on it. Having personalised kitchen stuff adds to the look of the kitchen and she’s going to feel a boss in her zone (which we believe she already is). All in all, this will make a great gift. On the other hand, if your father in-law is the cook, then you could have his name engraved on it. Or both too; something like Mr and Mrs.

  1. Personalised brass traveling compass

Any travelling enthusiasts in the family? They’re going to be super thrilled to get a personalised brass traveling compass from you to make their travel journeys easy and fun. Yes, we focus on stuff being customised because it adds a personal touch and shows that the gift really was bought thoughtfully keeping one person specifically in mind. The compass is engraved and comes in a beautiful box. Even if no one is a traveller in the family, it can still be gifted as a symbolic way of telling them they give direction to your life. The sentiment will definitely be appreciated.

  1. Handwriting bracelet

This is a good gift for your mother in-law or sis in-law, especially if they had helped your hubby in choosing your engagement rings hatton garden. Get your husband or kids to write something special and get their handwriting converted into a bracelet pendant. These bracelets are really trending in the market and with the special words from special people on them, we simply can’t imagine a better gift than this. Also be prepared for a few teary eyes and loads of hugs when your in-laws get this from you.

  1. Beer Brewing Kit

For the beer lovers like your brother in-law, father in-law or really anyone in the house, you could buy a DIY beer brewing kit. These are available from various companies in the market and let you make your own beer. A regular pack makes up to seven pints, which should be enough for all the family members. It could be a fun activity for your family to try out at a barbecue party someday. And the real beer connoisseurs are sure to love this gift.

  1. Laser Tag Game

For the small (and big) kids in the family, a laser tag game set will be perfect to invite them to a game duel and see who’s the boss. The kit comes with two laser tag guns and chest armour plates. A fun way to keep the kids entertained or become kids yourselves at a family gathering.

We hope you found these items unique and fun as well. Gifting in-laws for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries is going to be a lot more fun now. For any other jewellery gift that you’d like to buy for them, Lab grown diamonds hatton garden is a great place to begin with.