Did you know that almost thirty percent of businesses don’t have an official website?

When so many commercial transactions are taking place online, a business can lose a ton of customers by staying off the grid. Not only should your brand have a site, but it should also look the part.

Are you wondering what you can do? Keep reading to learn all about five unique Kajabi website templates to check out.

1. Crytpo Expert

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. In a little over a decade, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proven that they have what it takes to go against fiat currency.

If you’re a cryptocurrency expert, then this Kajabi template is one you won’t be able to go without. It features updates on the worth of cryptocurrencies and has an aesthetic that reflects the digital age we now live in.

2. Nutritional Coach

If people are coming to you for advice on what they should put in their bodies, then your Kajabi web design should give the impression of a clean and healthy place. This template has soft, pastoral colors and comes with a subtle pattern of fruits and vegetables.

The template includes a space for you to post about your live cooking shows, for instance. There are also links to learn about meal prepping, portion control, and more. 

3. Corporate Professional

When it comes to being professional, there’s such thing as being too flashy. That’s why this is one of the best Kajabi templates. It uses neutral colors and a minimalist design.

Rather than trying to show off, the template lets people know that you mean business and deal with problems head-on. The top of the template has testimonials and near the bottom is a button where people can request consultations.

4. Homeschool Learning

To ensure children’s safety, more and more kids are being homeschooled. With this Kajabi design template, you can attract customers to your educational services. The large and colored circles in the background are fun without being over the top.

The template also makes it easy for potential customers to choose the level at which they want to study, from elementary to high school. Aside from student testimonials, you’ll also find a button where visitors can learn about the staff.

5. Therapist Counselor

When it comes to templates for kajabi, this one is vibrant and welcoming, which are the qualities that a counselor needs to have.

The site clearly lists specialties that you’re trained for, such as reducing stress, depression, grief, anger, and more.

Are You Ready to Try These Kajabi Website Templates?

Now that you’ve learned all about five unique Kajabi website templates to check out, you can make sure your brand puts its best foot forward and makes an amazing first impression. Simply put, aesthetics can make or break a business.

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