Do you know AC Repair in Los Angeles can be very expensive when you call in a professional to fix things? 

Often, costly repairs are unavoidable, but you should first try to troubleshoot your system on your own before calling in a professional because sometimes the problem is tiny and can be fixed easily. 

In many cases, AC units stop working for the simplest reasons, such as flipping the breaker back on, and if you have called a technician, then he/she will definitely charge a hundred or more dollars which is very frustrating to pay. 

There are some DIY AC Repair in Los Angeles tips that you can perform on yourself before calling a professional to avoid such cases. These tips will not only save you money but time too. 

DIY AC Repair in Los Angeles Tips

 DIY AC Repair in Los Angeles Tips

Here is a list of few tips that you can try if your air conditioner is not getting on or blowing no or less cool air: 

1. Check your breaker

If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, then most probably, your breaker could have tripped. This happens when several appliances, lights and other things are on the same breaker. So you always first check your breaker whenever your air conditioner doesn’t work before calling a professional for AC Repair in Los Angeles. This is a quick tip and hence saves money, frustration, time, and embarrassment. 

2. Examine your thermostat

A thermostat is another essential part of the air conditioner system that can cost you dollars and stress. 

Most people do not know how to set the temperature on their thermostat? 

Make sure you set the temperature of your thermostat just below 7 degrees lesser than your room temperature else, it will consume more power, and as a result, you will get high electricity bills. 

After setting the temperature, make sure your AC is not turned off or set to have a fan blow only. Hope, you will try this quick DIY AC Repair in Los Angeles tip next time your AC break down.

3. Change your Air Filters

Many a time, just changing air filters regularly could avoid huge expenses on AC Repair in Los Angeles. Dirty and clogged air filters cause many problems with your air conditioner system, such as less or no cool air, strange noises, etc. In some cases, a clogged air filter might lead to freezing up your unit. So never neglect air filters and have a regular check on them. 

4. Melt any ice

Do you know the iced air conditioner unit never cool correctly? 

And for just melting ice, the professional for AC Repair in Los Angeles charge hundreds of dollars where melting the ice is a very simple process which you can try on yourself. 

All you have to do is – Turn the system “OFF” and just run the fan to help melt the ice quickly or you just turn off the unit and wait for an ice melt to melt on its own.

Isn’t it simple? 

Try it.

5. Give a good cleaning

Often due to the accumulation of dirt and molds, the air conditioner just requires a good and deep cleaning rather than a professional for AC Repair in Los Angeles. 

Whenever you are about to clean your system, make sure, the unit is turned off. While cleaning the outside unit, be careful with fine blades and fins as they are easy to bend and break. Clean the fan blades and remove any debris and molds from inside or near the system. This is again a simple DIY tip if followed carefully. 

6. Examine your ducts

If you are comfortable with climbing your roof space, then go on and check ducts to see if the air is coming out of them. In case you find them dirty and blocking the airflow, clean them. Many times duct either closed partly or even all way. A regular check on duct will make sure air is flowing through the ducts. 

The above DIY tips are easy and quick and could be tried when your Air Conditioner system is on the blink. These tips will save you huge money before calling a professional for AC Repair in Los Angeles. 

Many times, things like adding freon and electrical repairs have to be done by specialists. Such things could be dangerous to deal with on your own, therefore whenever your air conditioner demands adding components or electrical repairs, get a competent and professional AC Repair in Los Angeles. 

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Hopefully, the above DIY tips help you next time your AC break down and save you a lot of energy and money. In case these tips don’t help call professional and Affordable services for the best AC Repair in Los Angeles.