Whether you work as a truck driver or own a trucking fleet, it’s critical to know about road safety. After all, trucking can be a very dangerous job at times. If you or your truckers aren’t careful, lives can be at risk.

So, how can you prevent accidents from happening? The best way is by closely following all safety tips for truckers.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about trucker safety. Read on for 6 tips to keep in mind when you’re on the highways.

1. Drive Slowly in Construction Zones

When you go through a construction zone, it’s imperative that you drive slowly. Speed limits get decreased, lanes can shift, and other drivers around you might get confused.

These factors can put you at risk, so stay safe by lowering your speed in these zones. Be sure to watch your surroundings carefully, too.

2. Put Your Phone Down

There’s no reason to be on your phone while you’re behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving!

In 2019 alone, distracted driving caused over 3,100 deaths in the US. No text or social media notification is worth risking your life or the lives of others.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance From Others

It’s a known fact that semi-trucks take longer to slow down. That’s why you must leave a safe amount of space between yourself and other vehicles on the road. If you ever need to come to a sudden stop, that extra space could help prevent an accident.

It’s suggested that you leave about 4 seconds-worth of space between your semi-truck and other cars. If you’re traveling at high speeds, consider adding an extra second or two for added safety.

4. Get Rest When You Need It

It’s dangerous to drive when you’re feeling drowsy. So, be sure to pull over or get to a rest stop if you start feeling too tired to keep going.

This tip applies to all truck drivers, too, whether you drive interstate vs intrastate. You have to make sure you’re getting enough rest no matter how far you’re traveling.

5. Observe the Posted Speed Limit

Pay close attention to speed limit signs as you’re driving. Always adhere to them to keep yourself and other drivers safe. If you choose to drive slightly below the speed limit, remain in the righthand lane.

Remember that semi-trucks take longer to slow down. If you’re driving too fast, you might not be able to stop in time, if necessary.

6. Always Wear Your Seat Belt

One of the biggest safety tips is to wear your seat belt — always. In fact, anytime you’re behind the wheel of any vehicle, you should get buckled up. By doing so, you’ll remain much safer if you ever get into an accident.

Plus, federal law requires it.

Follow These Safety Tips for Truckers

Trucker safety knowledge is important, whether you own a trucking company or work as a driver yourself. That’s because it’s a risky career if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, just remember these safety tips for truckers, and you’ll have an easier time staying safe.

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