There is no limit to types and styles varieties when you visit any tiles showroom in Sydney. You can’t go through everything that exists in the market as there exists a wide range of products. But there are things common for every purchase of floor and wall tile. So before you buy any tiles, go through this list of 5 important things you need to consider beforehand.

1. Concerned home space

You can’t and should not use the same type of tile for all areas in your home. And this can be understood with the obvious fact that you use different spaces for a different purpose. Your living space can have materials that absorb water, but you can’t choose the same for your bathroom. So, select the material and type as per the requirement of a certain area in your home.

2. Budget

You can’t visit a tile showroom in Sydney without checking your financial resources first. The whole process from selection to the floor and wall tiles installation starts with a budget. It does not need to be the same for every room. If you are renovating multiple rooms at once, you can choose costly tiles for one and cheaper for others. It depends on which areas are more visible, your preferences, and the type of tiles you will select.

3. Quantity and size estimation

You must know the accurate quantity of tiles you have to buy. You can’t do that alone and it requires you to hire a tile contractor first. Another thing you can do is take the help of professionals at a tile showroom in Sydney. You will only need to know the measurements of each room. Make sure you buy some extra to take care of any damage.

Tile size is another important thing that can change the whole appearance. It should be small, medium, or large depending on the room size. Smaller tiles are good for the kitchen and bathroom while spacious homes look beautiful when decorated with large tiles.

4. Design and colour

The design and colour of the floor and wall tiles you will be buying must match whatever stays around them. colour choice requires more attention as it changes the feel of any space. It’s better to pick light shades for living areas and experiment with darker shades in less used areas.

5. Selecting the grout

Anyone looking for tips regarding tiles knows that grouts hold importance too. Choosing grout of the same colour as tile is what people prefer mostly. However, you can contrast it too and it will still look good if the colour choice is perfect. Make sure the grout lines are thin and not much visible.

6. The right finish

Every type of tile comes with different finishes and thus it’s important to focus on that too. Glossy tiles look beautiful on indoor walls, but they don’t look good outdoor. You can pick a wood finish for living rooms while stone finishes for the outdoor. It depends on your liking and some general considerations.


The above suggestions work with both floor and wall tiles and thus you can count on them. Visit any tiles showroom in Sydney and these tips will come in handy on every step. Just ensure whatever you choose works well with your liking and the home style.