If your child is preparing for the 11 plus exams, they need a robust vocabulary to pass the test. A fun and exciting way to prepare your child is by making educational games a part of your routine.PS4 games in playstation.

KidSmart offers seven extremely fun and educational games specifically designed to improve vocabulary. If you want your child to pass the vocabulary test on the 11 plus exams, check out the best games for improving vocabulary:

  1. Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs is a word-pairing game that improves knowledge of antonyms and synonyms. The gameplay is simple. All the pupil has to do is to prevent the alien egg from hatching. To do this, they must answer each stage correctly by matching words.

  1. Cowboy Word Game

Do you want your child to improve on spelling? The cowboy word game was designed to make spelling a lot more fun. During the game, the pupil must prevent the Cowboy from falling into an open fire. The pupil must spell out the right word based on the given definition.

  1. Word Hive

If you want your child to be familiar with the parts of speech, Word Hive is the perfect game. This easy yet fun game involves four topics: adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and spelling. Its cool beehive design makes the game more engaging for your learners, If you want something fun and worthwhile, make sure to check out Word Hive.

  1. Rectifish

Based on its name, Recitifish is a game designed to rectify spelling mistakes. There would be a sentence on the screen with a misspelt word. The pupil must then type the correct spelling on the answer box. With this game, your child will develop better skills in spelling and word usage,

  1. Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablets is a game that gets harder and more fun each stage. For every level, there would be a slab of words. The pupil must then drag each slab to match the correct definition. This game is perfect for children who need help in improving basic vocabulary skills. 

  1. Igloo 

Igloo is an excellent game to improve knowledge of nouns and adjectives. In this game, a pupil will be given a passage to read. Then, he or she must select which words are the adjectives or nouns. After selecting the answer, the student must check his or her answer. This game is also great for developing reading skills and critical thinking.

  1. Punctoosh

Want your child to be better at punctuations? Punctoosh is an amazing game for children in grade levels 2 to 6. This game is designed to give learners a better understanding of how and when to use punctuations. During gameplay, the pupil must select the right punctuation in a given passage. 

Using vocabulary building games is a fantastic way to make a memorable learning experience for your children. It makes them feel more relaxed, energetic and engaged during preparation

If you want to try out these fun games, make sure to visit KidSmart’s website and use their services to make your child ready for the 11 plus exam vocabulary test.

——Gamification is at the forefront of our quest for innovative pedagogical methods” says Baljeet Dogra, CEO of KidSmart