In recent years, Mi televisions’ popularity has skyrocketed due to their exceptional value for money. In addition, Mi Smart TVs maintain the brand’s reputation for producing devices with industry-leading features across various pricing points. 

There are Mi TVs with prices as low as 16,499 and led tv on EMI with prices as high as 1,27,999. Bezel-free designs, high refresh rates of 120Hz, 4K QLED screens, and powerful Dolby Audio, dual speakers are some of the outstanding features of Mi Smart TVs. 

Mi is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer appliances that was founded in 2010. It has been one of the top-selling brands in the Indian market for mobile phones, televisions, air purifiers, smart bands, etc. Pricing is the primary reason that has contributed to this brand’s success in the television area. Mi priced their televisions aggressively, hence providing excellent value.

The brand has an extensive service network throughout the nation’s major metropolitan areas and Tier-1 cities; hence, the response is often rapid after filing a service request. In semi-urban and rural towns, it may take up to a week for a service request to be attended to since the Mi service network is not as pervasive there as it is in metropolitan areas. If you’re searching for a brand-new MI TV LED TV on EMI online, visit Bajaj mall, where you can browse an extensive selection of Mi’s most recent TVs.

However, when it comes to research and development (R&D) – introducing new display technologies, giving the most significant possible visual and audio experience, and ensuring smooth after-sales support – market leaders like Sony, Samsung, and LG continue to excel.

Now, having completed a study of the Mi brand, it is vital to remember that, when purchasing a television, one of the most influential criteria is the screen size one should choose –

1. Display attributes

Mi smart TVs provide HD Ready, Full HD, and UHD screens, allowing visitors to watch their favorite films and television programs while staying at home. It can convert even low-resolution photos and movies into media of higher quality. An excellent contrast ratio and brightness can provide visitors with a very intimate cinematic experience.

2. Android TV

Mi led tv on EMI have the PatchWall UI and the Android operating system, making them more innovative and user-friendly. With Android 9.0, the TV resembles a smartphone with a larger and sharper screen.

3. Simple to watch films and programs

Your visitors will want to relax by viewing films or television programs. The Mi Smart TV has the Google Play Store, where users can download streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar + Disney, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Voot, etc.

4. Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, searching for a song or commanding your bright lights to turn blue requires a voice command. Google Assistant may make your guest’s life a bit more luxurious.

5. Integrated Chromecast

With the Chromecast embedded into the Mi Smart TV, your visitors can seamlessly mirror content from their mobile devices to the television screen.

6. Audio quality

With two strong 20W speakers, the audio quality of the television is also excellent.

7. Accessibility

Last, it would help to be mindful of your budget while selecting the most OK smart TV for your guest room. Mi is one of the few TV companies in India that offers inexpensive, high-quality televisions. Therefore, a Mi smart TV would be an excellent purchase for your guest room.


Mi, a leading smartphone manufacturer in India, has also established a competitive presence in the television industry. The high demand for Mi LED televisions results from the excellent price-to-performance ratio of these feature-optimized models. MI LED TVs on EMI are trustworthy and optimized entertainment devices because they incorporate some of the most cutting-edge image technology, audio systems, limitless connection choices, and a user-friendly interface.

In the era of intelligent entertainment, Mi LED smart TVs bring not only immersive entertainment into your house but also provide unrestricted access to premium online content on the most popular OTT platforms, including Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hotstar, and others.

Mi Led TV on EMI provides its consumers with only the finest, from a Vivid Picture Engine that ensures natural vibrancy to Dolby Vision compatibility for ultra-clear and detailed images. At Bajaj mall, you can compare many Mi TV models to choose the best one that meets your entertainment requirements.Bajaj mall is the place to go if you want to acquire a LED TV on EMI at the most affordable price. With a straightforward design, you can refine your search by display size and resolution, imaging technologies, audio quality, intelligent features, and connection possibilities on this digital platform.