It’s estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist. Now, while your business won’t be directly competing with all of these, you still need to ensure that your website stands out of the thousands, or millions, of others in your industry. 

So, how does your website manager ensure that your website stands out and drives new customers? Here are 5 important tips to help them do just that. 

1. Pick a CMS Wisely

One of the most important website management tips is to choose your content management system (CMS) with care. The best option will depend on your business needs and your IT resources. 

Some CMS systems are much more complex than others, with plenty of features — however, these require a solid IT team to manage. Others are simple and easy to use but with fewer functions. 

2. Know Your Visitors 

Who are the people visiting your site, why are they visiting and what are they looking for? These are important questions to consider when considering how to run a website.

When you have a thorough understanding of your audience, you can tailor your website in such a way that encourages users to stick around and take action.

3. Make Use of Calls to Action 

A call to action (CTA) is text, a button, or an image that encourages users to take a specific action. This action could be anything from purchasing a product to getting in touch with your business or subscribing to your newsletter. 

Every web page should include a CTA that prompts visitors to take the next step. These CTAs should be relevant, useful, and tailored to your website and audience. 

4. Improve Ticketing and Feedback

Your employees, and most specifically your website visitors, are the most valuable source of information regarding better business management. In order to make changes that are impactful, ask people for feedback on the website experience, what they enjoy, and the issues they encountered. 

Improve your search filter and manage your tickets efficiently to collect all sources of data that you can in order to implement website maintenance tips.

5. Update the Website Often

Following on from feedback, it’s important to realize that managing a website is a full-time job. You cannot simply set it up and leave it be. In order to maximize your website’s potential, you need to constantly be making changes and improvements.

For example, content needs to be updated and relevant, SEO practices must be implemented regularly according to algorithm changes, and the website needs to remain dynamic to meet the needs of your users.

Is Your Website Manager Prepared for the Job? 

Whether you’ve hired a website manager or you are one yourself, these five important tips will help you stay ahead of the game. Always have your visitors and customers at the center of every decision you make on your website. 

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