Sublimated jerseys are one of the budget-friendly, stylish and innovative styles of the jersey. Therefore, it is one of the best types of uniforms for outfitting your team. Before the introduction of the sublimated jersey, sports team used to wear solid colors jerseys.

With the growing technology in the field of printing, designs of jerseys are continuously evolving. Now, you can see intrinsic designs that are sublimated over the jerseys.

The sublimation printing technology can help in adding a pop of color to your sports uniforms and help in making them look attractive such as custom hockey jerseys. You can create any design for your jersey and print it by using the sublimation printing technique.

While creating a design for your jersey, you should make sure to follow the guidelines. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 reasons for designing a sublimated jersey for your team:

1. Print Beautiful Designs

With the help of the sublimation technique, you can print any complicated design without any problem. Thus, you can create a custom jersey for your team that everybody would love.

The custom jerseys can help in distinguishing your team from another. Thus, the custom jersey would be representing your whole team. Thus, it is important to design it appropriately.  

2. Light-Weight Jerseys

Sublimation printing will not add weight to your fabric. It means that the sublimated jersey is light-weight and comfortable to wear.

The sublimation printing technique does not create print over the fabric, but the ink will infuse inside the fabric. This printing technique does not form thickly coated embellishment decals over the fabric.

With the help of the sublimation technique, you can print the logo, name of the player, team name, and design without any problem.

Dye-sublimation ink dries quickly and helps in completing the printing process as soon as possible. Also, a light-weight of jerseys will let the players wear them without any problem.

3. Compliance

If you are designing a jersey for the school sports team, then you can follow your rules. But, if you are designing a jersey for a national or international sports league, then you should follow rules and regulations.

The board members will issue some rules and guidelines for designing jerseys and various other sports accessories like custom socks, custom bags, etc. All sports team members have to follow these rules.

4. Unique Design

While creating the design for your jersey, you should make sure that the design is unique and according to the rules. The unique design of your sport’s team jersey will help you to let your team stand out from the rest. Your fans can easily recognize your team members through the unique design of your jersey.

5. Durable Prints On Jersey

Sports team members wear custom jerseys while playing the game. It means that the jersey undergoes different weather conditions and sports team members do not want that print on the jersey to fade away.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the print on the jersey is durable and does not affect by the rain, UV rays, etc. In the sublimation printing technique special type of ink is used for printing purposes.

Sublimation ink is heated up and it is converted into the gaseous state without going into the liquid state. The sublimated form of ink is injected directly into the fabric of your sports uniform.

Instantly, the sublimated ink will cool down and come back to a solid-state. In this way, the sublimated ink prints name, logon, and various designs on the sports uniform. You can design any sports uniform with this technique like custom soccer uniforms, custom cricket uniforms, etc.   

6. Stylish Sports Uniform

As we have already mentioned that the sublimation printing technique can be used for printing complex designs. Therefore, it is possible to design stylish custom jerseys for your sports team member. You should take the help of professional designers to create attractive designs for your custom uniforms so that performance can meet fashion.

7. Showcase Your Mission

By designing a custom jersey, you can showcase your mission with style. The perfect design of the custom jersey can help in reflecting the unique look of your team, mission, attitude, and style of the team. When you choose the sublimation printing technique, then you have complete control over the look of your sports uniform.

8. Look Good, Feel Good

When your team members wear sublimation printed sports uniforms, they will feel good and confident. It is an undeniable fact that when you look good then you feel good.

Motivation is very important to play and win any game. By wearing a perfect sports uniform printed with the team name and the name of a sports player will make every team member feel motivated.  

9. Good Quality

When you choose the sublimation printing technique, then good quality is assured. The prints are not just durable, but they will not crack as well, Sublimated Jerseys are built to last. Sublimated jerseys can handle wear and tear for a long.