Hosting a corporate event can be a smart move for your business. It can spread brand awareness, build relationships with external vendors, and boost employee relations and morale.

With a little forethought and planning, planning a corporate event can be a painless, and even fun, process. Here are the basics you should know before planning your next event.

Determine The Goal Of The Event

The first thing you must decide for your event is what it is you would like to accomplish, and who your target audience will be.

Is this event a black-tie affair for thanking generous corporate sponsors? Is it a fun night for employee bonding? Knowing your audience and theme helps you plan the rest of the details of the event.

Create Your Budget For Planning A Corporate Event

Money talks, and you need to set a realistic budget for your event. One key to good budget planning is creating a buffer for the unexpected expenses that are bound to happen.

Once you know what your spending goal is, add 10 percent to your budget as a cushion.

Setting a Timeline

Planning an event can involve a lot of details and a broad range of tasks. Creating a project timeline can help you keep track of the hundreds of tiny details involved in planning larger events.

A project planning checklist is a helpful tool for keeping you on track.

Location, Location, Location

Other than budget, probably the biggest defining factor of your business event is its location. Once you know the goal of the event and determine its theme, it is vital to find a venue that will serve these.

Two very important things to keep in mind are the atmosphere and commute. You want a venue that will make attendees feel comfortable and a commute that isn’t too long.

Plan The Day’s Logistics

Setting a schedule for the event and having a plan for all the things that need to happen will make the day of the event run more smoothly.

Know when vendors, caterers, entertains, etc., need to arrive and set up, have an assignment schedule for your team that is working the event.

Plan to have enough entertainment for attendees to feel engaged, but enough downtime to mingle.

One of the easiest ways to keep everything on track the day of the event is to use event programs. Online vendors such as can help provide programs at a reasonable cost.

A Memorable And Successful Event

Planning a corporate event doesn’t have to be a headache. Like any project, if you set a budget, timeline, and goals, you can keep things on track.

A successful corporate event can build goodwill toward your company and keep employees happy. Plan to have enough entertainment for attendees to feel engaged, but enough downtime to mingle.

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