About one in four Americans live with a disability.

Many fashion designers are now working on adaptive fashion lines to meet the clothing needs of folks with disabilities. Just because you live with a disability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking good.

Do you want to know more about disability inclusion in the fashion industry? Read on to learn all about the latest in fashion and disability.

Disability Inclusion in Fashion

Inclusive fashion is the next big trend in the fashion industry. With Americans more in tune with the needs of an equitable society, fashion designers realize that clothing design needs to become more inclusive.

Folks with disabilities often have trouble with clothing functions like zippers and buttons. Designers want to provide clothes that not only give independence but look fantastic.

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Nike jumped on the trend, given that Americans with disabilities are the third-largest market in the US.

Current Adaptive Fashion Trends

When the adaptive fashion brands launched, they emphasized the functionality of the clothing. Many of these clothing brands substitute magnets for buttons and zippers.

Many adaptive fashion brands use customizable hemlines to meet the needs of those with limb differences. This clothing gives people with disabilities the level of autonomy they deserve.

Tommy Adaptive

Tommy Hilfiger launched its adaptive brand in 2016 as a collaboration with designer Mindy Scheier, who made clothes for her son with muscular dystrophy.

Hilfiger Adaptive focuses on accessible jeans, tagless t-shirts, and dresses with magnetic fasteners.

IZ Adaptive

Designer Izzy Camilleri is an adaptive fashion innovator. She first began making adaptive clothing in 2004 for a customer who uses a wheelchair.

Camilleri’s IZ Adaptive brand designs clothing that’s both accessible and subtle. Tops and bottoms have all the look of regular clothing on the front, with accessible features in the back.

She designs jeans without rear pockets and coats with short backs so folks who use wheelchairs can remain comfortable in fashionable outerwear.


Adaptive fashion trends go far beyond clothing. A wooden cane is a needed aid for people with disabilities, and it can look sharp, too.

One of the latest adaptive fashion trends is custom-made canes. Are you headed for a night on the town? Do you want to match your fashionable adaptive clothing?

Try a custom-made cane. They can serve their needed function and make a fashion statement.

Embrace the Latest in Adaptive Fashion

People with disabilities deserve to look good. As we focus on building a society based on equity and fairness, America’s top fashion designers are now working to fill the gap in accessible clothing.

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Whether it’s a pair of jeans without rear pockets, a wrap-dress with magnetic fasteners, or a custom-made wooden cane, designers are now meeting the clothing needs of Americans with disabilities.

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