Yard signs seem to possess a secret weapon or power. They are highly visible and bold message communication tools. You can use them for advertising your brand, selling your real estate property, advocating for your favorite political candidate, or even celebrating a grad. Moreover, thanks to the technological leap, today, you have access to a broad spectrum of responsibly sourced materials that are capable of combating harsh weather elements such as storms or hurricanes, heavy rains, snow, blizzards, or strong winds. With contemporary yard signs, possibilities seem endless.

Corrugated plastic is regarded as the king of all yard sign materials. Many other materials like plastic, single-panel aluminum, and composites are used for making yard signs in the past. However, corrugated plastic has emerged as the winner. According to Wikipedia, corrugated plastic is a robust but lightweight material that can be cut easily using a utility knife. Corrugated plastic manufacturers offer a broad spectrum of colors. Moreover, this material is available in many thicknesses. 

Why Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs?

Corrugated plastic yard signs offer limitless marketing opportunities in a highly-trafficked and unsaturated space. Today our inboxes are forever flooded with emails, but the scene is just the opposite in the physical arena. Yards, business fronts, and street corners are prized marketing real estate. Corrugated plastic yard signs are utilized for multiple purposes, right from personal events to business advertising. Corrugated plastic yard signs are relatively less expensive and are great for election campaigns. They are best for advertising and promoting local events, charity fundraisers, business, and political campaigns. They have the potential to capture and engage the attention of people driving by. 

Corrugated plastic yard signs are the best choice because of a combination of parameters. Corrugated plastic is lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and conducive to Ultraviolet light or UV Printing. Today, there seems to be no other option that matches corrugated plastic yard signs. You can opt for custom yard signs made from corrugated plastic. 

Robust, Lightweight, & Portable: We understand that corrugated plastic is best for yard signs because it is impact-resistant because of the presence of ribs, and it is also lightweight at the same time. Corrugated plastic yard signs are portable and can easily be shifted from one location to another. They are generally not damaged and are mostly in pristine condition even after relocation.

Long-Lasting Printability: UV inks are great for adhering perfectly to the surface. UV inks are long-lasting. They are supposed to be abrasion and fade-resistant. Hence, your message and graphics hold up perfectly over an extended time.

Weather-Resistant: Corrugated plastic yard signs are best for repelling moisture, and they are not affected by moisture. They do not rust or rot. They are capable of resisting the harsh weather elements.

Recyclable: Corrugated yard signs could be recycled. However, they are not supposed to be biodegradable. We know that corrugated plastic could be recycled and even repurposed into pallets, ice scrapers, battery cases, rakes, and many other useful applications.


Corrugated plastic yard signs may be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap. They are easy to maintain and easier to clean. They are pretty cost-effective. Corrugated plastic yard signs could prove to be incredibly useful tools for a host of promotional and marketing endeavors.