Since its inception, Instagram has emerged as the favorite social networking site among millennials as well as Generation. Increasingly, they are becoming the target audience for global marketers who wish to offer an increasing list of products and services to a demographic group that is digitally linked.

Marketers run promotional hashtag campaigns on Instagram to engage diverse populations with the brand. And becomes successful too. But, have you ever thought about the population who isn’t active on social media? Exclude the common people out there, even some well known celebrities have no social media presence. 

A social media aggregator has this amazing feature to embed Instagram feeds including announcements, latest news, future assignments, images, videos, albums, gallery and more, on your website for everyone to access. All you need to do is navigate to the feed you want to embed and generate a short code by selecting the embed option. Paste the code in the website editor where you want the post to be seen. This not only makes your website neoteric but enhances user experience to a large extent.

Here are some enticing benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

Support your content with valuable illustrations

Instagram content can be efficiently used to add value to your blogs. Visual representation will surely urge visitors to have a look of what you wrote about the same. For instance, if you blog about a new launch, or an important announcement, how will you convince users to go through it? Well, Instagram can help you with this. 

You might have posted about the similar news on Instagram as well. Simply embed Instagram feed on the blog which makes it appealing for your website visitors. In the other case, if you want to make a comparison between various types of updates, you should provide examples to show how much engagement each receives, as the embedded post will also display the number of comments, likes and shares.

Boost user engagement through discussion posts

Have you ever witnessed a virtual discussion in the comment section of an Instagram post? Thrilling, right. You can bring the engagement in your blog posts as well. Embed an Instagram feed including a question regarding the latest topic, relevant to your blog. 

This will bring exposure to your Instagram feeds as well which increases dwell time of your audience. Enhanced visuals also results in your blog readers getting converted into the regular website visitors.

Brag about your viral Instagram content

Does your latest Instagram feed go viral and gain user endorsements, the moment you post them? Then why to limit them to that platform. You can extend their visibility to your official website too. 

To show your web users and blog readers how engaging your Insta posts are, you can embed these Instagram feeds as a customized visual gallery. This will help you gain website traffic and glues them to your website for long. Moreover, it will liberate you from the back-breaking task of frequently updating your website.

Increase your online presence

Before reaching out to your brand social media pages, customers browse through your website. At that instant, they might be unaware about your social media presence. You can embed Instagram feeds on a dedicated webpage regarding your company activities. 

It provides them a holistic platform where they can access your daily updates under a single roof. If they like a content, they can click the post and will be redirected to your Instagram page. This way, they can even like, comment and share directly from your website without even leaving it as, hoping from one channel to another can sometimes be irritating.  

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Display social proof

What is the better promotional idea than your happy customers doing it for you? Along with Instagram pictures, videos and stories, you can also embed testimonials and feedback from your audience about the products and services you offer.

It gives credibility to your brand and gives a sense of social evidence that can prove to be vital for consumers before making a buying decision. You have an option to fetch them using a hashtag or your account mention. The only limitation is that you can only embed feeds that have been uploaded on a public account. 

Final Words

It is a good idea to create a connection between your social followers and digital leads, because many people find company websites via social media platforms such as Instagram. Without them even leaving your web, you can introduce visitors to your social side with the help of posts, feeds and reviews. 

Instagram is the hub of creative, engaging and viral content and has the potential to hype a trend within seconds. As rightly said, one should do smart work and not hard work. You, as a marketer should make the best out of the platform and place the content wisely to give your website a modern look. 

Using embedded Instagram feeds is a perfect way to extend your social scope and highlight content from an omni-channel perspective. You can use this technique on your official website to display your accomplishments, share a great social example and quote a particular individual or business. More than 84 percent of consumers, after all, consider word-of-mouth to be important to their buying decisions. 

It is the simplest marketing strategy that requires least efforts to target your audience across all the available channels. It just requires a short code from your pre-existing Instagram feeds and your website will display fresh and updated content every now and then.