Although shooting games are a great choice for mobile, they can be difficult for some. We have seen PUBG takes to mobile with incredible success – almost wiping out the competition on smartgaga.

The region-locked Call of Duty was once the mainstay of the franchise in Southeast Asia. It has its downsides, as evidenced by the huge lawsuit Apple filed against Epic Games over the in-game currency Fortnite violating Apple’s terms and service.

The lawsuit had a huge impact and showed that mobile gaming was a risky venture. Apex APK will be the next to make the leap to players’ pockets, but we may have to wait a while before we can get on the mobile battlefield.


The tweet states that “Due to current events, we decided to shift the limited region launch of Apex Legends Mobile.” “Our intention is now to release the game to all participating countries on March 7. It is important to remember that Respawn did not cite any particular country for the delay and didn’t mention countries that were part of the regional release.


Apex Legends Mobile might have been delayed, but it is possible that we will still be out of luck here in the UK for a longer time. The game will be available for download on Andriod in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as iOS in Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and Peru.

Although there is no information yet on a UK launch, Respawn suggested that they will keep players informed about where the mobile title might launch.

EA had planned to roll out the new version in “Spring 2022,” but it is not clear if this is still true. It’s a huge disappointment for those who wanted to experience the brand-new Caustic, Horizon and Bloodhound versions.

The bold move into mobile gaming for Apex Legends has been a long-awaited one, and although some fans will feel disappointed, they won’t have to wait that long. The UK’s lucky so-andsos are getting it quicker than they are.