Sometimes, players may find that the prize they are competing for changes depending on how much they bet. The Slotzo players are free to change their bet at any point during a slot game and doing this strategically can yield big rewards for players. 

Bet more to Win more? 

Some players feel as if their odds of winning increase when they decide to bet more. This is not the case as thanks to the RNG, the player actually has the same odds of winning on every spin they make. Despite this, there is still reason to believe that the prizes change when players make a bigger bet. 

Progressive Jackpots

tend to favour players who make bigger bets more than smaller bets. Sometimes, players won’t be eligible to win these types of jackpots unless they have placed a max bet. 

Fixed Jackpots

are not affected by this type of betting, as this type of jackpot does not change depending on whether a player is able to claim it or not. 

Prizes you can Win 

The prize that changes from altering your bet is money. In progressive jackpot slots, the player will be able to win more when they bet a higher amount. The max bet option is commonly used by players in this type of slot. The cash prize will increase for the players who max bet as it is based on the value of the coins which players bet. Though there are dangers that come from max betting in the long run, there is a chance that players will be able to claim a jackpot in the short term. 

Should you Change your Bet Size? 

Changing your bet size should not be a decision taken lightly, there are potential benefits that come from changing it but there are also some issues that could crop up from a bigger bet size as well. There are a variety of factors you should consider. 

1. Do you have the appropriate bankroll? There is no point in increasing your bet size if you only have a small budget to work with. Be wise with finances and make decisions based in their best interest.

2. Understand that you are going to lose money by betting bigger, don’t get frustrated and allow negative feelings to take over. If you eventually do win, your winnings should cover your losses. 

3. Betting bigger may make you feel like a high roller, this can be dangerous if you are not one and can lead to you making irresponsible decisions. Try to remain grounded and have fun with it all. 

Final Thoughts 

Players are able to change the amount that they bet anytime they wish, however there are certain benefits that come with doing this at specific moments. For instance, choosing to bet more while competing for a progressive jackpot can result in the player winning big money. The one thing which players should be aware of is that the more they bet, the more they are likely to lose in the long run.