Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge impact on several machines from the android system in phones and other various electronic devices to automated cars. AI has seemingly endless potential to enhance and simplify the tasks which are usually done by humans, which include speech recognition, business process management, image processing, and even the diagnosis of disease.

AI-derived business value is forecast to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022.

Gartner, Inc.

Developing AI-powered solutions is an important activity across many industries. This resulted in the high demand for artificial intelligence engineers, who develop tests, and applies several models of AI, and effectively handles AI infrastructure.

In this article, let’s understand the key skills that are required to get a good job opportunity in the field of AI.

Essential skills

One must have a better knowledge of the higher-level research to the low-level programming and implementation. By doing an artificial intelligence certification program one can gain better knowledge as well as enhance their skills in this field. Knowledge of both technical and non-technical skills will help a person to get a job in the field of AI.

· Technical Skills

  • Programming languages

To keep up with the latest developments in the tech industry today it is important to learn programming languages. The most crucial programming languages for AI are as follows:

  • Lisp
  • Java
  • C++
  • Python
  • R
  • Prolog

Applied mathematics, frameworks, and algorithms

Having a good knowledge of algorithm theory and knowing how the algorithm functions are very essential. An individual should possess knowledge of concepts like gradient descent, convex optimization, lagrange, partial differential equation, quadratic programming, and summations. Additionally, to build AI models with unstructured data, one must know deep learning algorithms and the ways they can be implemented with the help of a framework. Following are the frameworks that are used in AI:

  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Theano
  • Caffe

Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries and tools

NLP is the combination of computer science, information engineering, linguistics, and AI into one and programming the system to process and analyze large datasets. The artificial intelligence engineers are required to do certain works extensively on NLP that includes language, audio, and video processing by leveraging many NLP libraries and tools, which are:

  • NTLK
    • Gensim
    • word2vec
    • TextBlob
    • CoreNLP
    • Sentiment Analytics
    • PyNLPI

Neural Networks

A neural network is a system (software or hardware) that functions similarly to a human brain. Based on the neural functionality of the human brain, the concept of artificial neural networks is designed. It not just replicates the human understanding, but also leverages works that are far beyond the capabilities of humans. It has several commercial and business applications, where an artificial intelligence engineer will be able to solve complex problems in the areas of pattern recognition, facial recognition, handwriting recognition, etc.

If one wants to acquire a good understanding and want to boost their skills then doing the best AI certification willhelp them to get a good job opportunity with an attractive salary.

· Non-technical skills

Iteration of Ideas

Iterating on ideas is quite essential for finding one that works. An individual should use various types of techniques to fabricate realistic scale models of solid parts or assemblies with the help of 3D computer-aided designs.

Industry knowledge

The most successful AI projects are those which tackle the real pain points. It is crucial to possess a better knowledge of the industry in which one is working and the ways they can be an asset for the growth of the business.

Critical thinking

People whoever is looking for a job in the field of AImust stay updated with the latest industrial advancements and data so that they can form new conclusions depending on the findings. One should understand the best business practices and latest approaches to AI.

By enhancing the aforementioned skills a person can get a better job opportunity in the field of AI. Doing an AI certificate is the best option to master one’s skills as many interviews consider certification as a benchmark.


If an individual wants to pursue a career in the field of AIthen they should be ready with the right skill set and certifications. By, doing certifications in AI one can boost their chances to get into a better job opportunity, with an appealing salary in a well-established company.