Players who develop strategies when playing baccarat บาคาร่าออนไลน์ may think they are very smart and imagine that they are taking advantage of mathematical advantages. But baccarat is one of the worst games for those who want to win more or less regularly.

It really is a game designed so that gambling bigwigs can dress up in fancy clothes, brag about all the bills they have, and generally walk away feeling like they have a license to kill. The latter, of course, is a reference to James Bond, and so there was good reason why 007 appeared often playing this risky game of chance in different films (until the terrible decision was made to change this game for the Texas Hold’em).

Whether you are a gambler who gambles a lot of money or a humble worker with the illusion of living a high-risk adventure, it is a fact that you came this far seeking advice on what would be the best strategy to play baccarat. This is why, despite everything, I do not want to discourage you, I prefer to give you weapons so that you know how to achieve your goal.

The following are the tips that I can give you to play baccarat, and that are the product of the combination of my own experiences, from various sources on the Internet and from a long time reading Ian Fleming novels.

  • Don’t be poor

This may sound horrible, but poor people should flee the baccarat table as quickly as possible. This is a game for those who can spend money; those who barely manage to pay the rent should, better, go to the section of cheap slots. If you insist on wanting to play anyway, I recommend trying it online because many casinos place baccarat tables in private sectors where strict code of etiquette must be observed and where minimum bets are prohibitive.

  • Learn To Play The Game

Whether you are playing baccarat or Uno, it will always be helpful to know the rules of the game. There are mainly two variants of baccarat in casinos around the world, so it is important that you recognize the differences between punto y banco and chemin de fer. Otherwise, you run the danger of looking sort of a fool ahead of all the opposite wealthy players.

  • Bet Against The Point

In the point and bank variant you have the option of betting who will win the round: the point, the bank or neither party, resulting in a tie. Avoid betting on a tie because the house edge almost reaches 15% on this type of bet. Betting on the point gives the house a 1.24% advantage, while supporting the dealer only offers a 1.06% disadvantage for the bettor.

Wesley Snipes would tell you to always back black. We tell you: “Always bet on the bank.” In the long run, for a matter of math, you will still be losing, but you will have a better chance of winning some great rounds.

Ignore betting patterns. Casinos always give their baccarat players notebooks and pencils. Why? It is so that clients can write down the different totals for each hand and look for patterns. This may sound promising, but it is actually like giving a slot player the same tools and asking him to look for patterns on the reels.

It has more to do with a theme of tradition than anything else and a lot of players don’t even bother to do it. There’s also the point that giving the customer a pencil and paper makes him feel like he could beat the game, which is often enough to keep him coming back to the tables again and again.

  • Follow The Streak

This strategy consists of looking for winning streaks, either from the point or from the bank. To apply this “strategy”, place a bet on whoever won the last hand (as long as it was not a tie). As long as the dealer or point is still won, keep betting on them. When the winner changes, change your bet too.

  • Bet On A Sequence

Another strategy that can be used in various casino games is to place bets following a sequential pattern decided beforehand. This is an example of what we mean; Note that each bet is only applicable if the player lost the previous hand: $ 15, $ 30, $ 60, $ 120 and $ 240. The idea is that a losing streak has to end sooner or later, so doubling your bet each time you lose would have to make up for those losses. According to this system, the player must bet $ 25 every time he has a winning hand.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m not a big fan of baccarat strategy. They are false beliefs whose purpose is to create the illusion that players can win in the long term, which is simply a lie. Baccarat is a game of chance and there is nothing the client can do to change that.Of course, that does not mean that gambling should be avoided.