Good leaders inspire, influence, teach and constructively criticise others whilst thinking proactively about the strengths and weaknesses of their group or company. Leaders help themselves and their team do the correct thing by setting direction, and strong leadership is essential for any business in order to grow. However, recruiting the right leader can be difficult as it’s not solely dependent on past achievements. Leadership recruitment must also assess the personality and leadership style of potential candidates which can be more complicated than ticking off desired skills! It may benefit your company to seek professional help when recruiting for leadership roles. However, if you’re looking to improve your leadership skills, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best books for leaders. 

Learning To Lead by Ron Williams with Karl Weber

The first book we recommend tells the reader the full process of a man rising from segregated Chicago to being the CEO of a prominent healthcare brand. It follows the journey to becoming an excellent leader for those that need guidance on the path to leadership. This book comprises a range of lessons, varying from profound, broad and philosophical to practical and specific advice. It has been described as the “masterclass of leadership” and has hundreds of five star reviews. 

Developing The Leader Within You by John C Maxwell

With over one million copies sold, this read has been described as classic within the field of leadership. Readers will learn the true definition of leadership under the philosophy that traits and values of leaders can be acquired and not necessarily something one is born with. It is also written that linking up the traits of leaders is as important as obtaining the raw materials. John C Maxwell stresses that learning the difference between management and leadership is imperative, with management making sure the work is completed and leaders inspiring those under them. 

Start with WHY – How Every Great Leader Inspires Everyone To Take Action by Simon Sinek 

Simon Sinek proposes the idea that people won’t believe in a product, movement or service without understanding why. He argues that the greatest leaders with the most influence all think in the opposite way to the rest of the world. This reveals a framework that businesses and organisations can build on to be successful. Over one million copies have been sold since its release, with rave reviews. 

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey 

This book provides a guide to living an effective and productive life. Stephen R. Covey aims to alter the reader’s mentality by guiding you through the self-mastery Paradigm Shift. There are said to be three main sections to harness this, leading to success: independence, interdependence and continuous improvement. This particular book has sold over 25 million copies and has thousands of excellent reviews convincing others to read it. 

These suggestions are to help others strive to be successful leaders. As implied in some of these books, reading about becoming a strong leader doesn’t inherently mean you will become one. Additionally, recognising traits within others that could lead them to become successful leaders can be just as important in jobs such as recruitment and founding a business.