Instagram is an aesthetically pleasing social media platform that attracts social media users because of its compelling visuals and the plethora of content created by its users. Brands having a presence on social media are able to drive the attention of the audience, engage and convert them effortlessly. 

The platform boasts more than a billion monthly active users and on average Instagram users spend about 30 minutes browsing through content on the platform, which makes it perfect for website integration.

More than 70% of the people use the platform to discover products that they can incorporate into their lives. Clearly indicating the potential and influence that the platform has on the purchase decisions of the buyers. 

But, why restrict this to just Instagram when you can embed this content on your web pages. 

Embedding Instagram feed on the website is the way out for brands to curb all the possibilities of growth that digital media platforms have to offer. To know more about this result-oriented strategy, make your way to the end of this blog!

Embedding Instagram Widget Tools- An Overview 

Brands can showcase what their users are saying about the products and services on Instagram by embedding the content generated on the platform. The best part about embedding is that brands can moderate the content and make it relevant, while also enhancing its visual appeal and having the feed updated in real-time. 

Instagram’s content embedded on the website can boost the trust of your website visitors, make your website vibrant and improve its dwell time amongst other benefits. 

But, to achieve all this and more, leveraging Instagram feed widget tools can be the best bet. Below are some of the top-performing Instagram Widget tools. 

Top 5 Instagram Widget Tools In 2021

  1. Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox Widget is a result-oriented, promising social media aggregation tool that helps collect content not just from Instagram but 15 other social media platforms. After aggregation, it moderates, customizes, and publishes the feed on websites, effortlessly.  

Its powerful moderation panel helps in filtering the content by removing any unwanted content in real-time, enabling brands to showcase only what is most relevant and relatable. 

The best yet is the detailed analytics provided that helps in improving the performance of the widget. 

With a variety of other features like CTA, auto-moderation, and profanity filter; the tool tops our list. 

  1. SnapWidget 

Snap widget is a free and easy Instagram widget tool that fetches Instagram feeds by the handle or hashtags. The tool facilitates hassle-free customization, set up, and showcasing of feed in a grid, slideshow, or photo map manner. 

Snapwidget is also an easy to upload tool that provides the user with an HTML code to upload the feed to the website and showcase the compelling content created on Instagram. Snapwidget makes for an ideal tool if your user enjoys interactive and interesting variants of photo display. 

  1. Instagram Feed WD

The Instagram feed WD is yet another easy-to-use and set-up plugin. It allows its users to leverage their own feeds as well as hashtag-oriented feeds to their website and WordPress. 

The tool is jam-packed with fully customizable themes and social sharing options that the user can use with Instagram feed WD. The feeds can be filtered with specific usernames, hashtags, or Instagram media links. The best part about the aggregator tool is that it is SEO compatible. 

  1. Instush 

Instush is an Instagram photo display tool that users can employ to create wallpapers from Instagram’s static visuals. The tool helps you to select pictures from any particular account, perform a search for pictures via hashtags, and create wallpapers. 

Brands can choose from the 14 different types of Instagram gallery designs to elevate the look of their website. With Instush, you can showcase Instagram photos and videos on multiple websites, blogs, online stores, etc. It is a responsive tool that lets you display your Instagram gallery in an attractive manner while boosting the overall performance of your website. 

  1. Instagram Official Embedding 

Instagram itself allows the functionality to embed Instagram content on the website seamlessly. The platform offers photo display functionality and the users can use it to leverage the content generated on the platform by the users of the brand. 

Instagram’s plugin can be used to streamline photos towards WordPress and other websites as well, all that you need is a business account. But the only problem here is that real-time updates aren’t possible and brands can leverage only individual posts. Collecting all the content together isn’t possible, making Instagram self-embed a less-efficient and time-consuming method. 

The Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed

Embedding Instagram feed on the website has these benefits:

  • Boosts the trust of the visitors in the deliverables of the brand
  • Increases visitor’s engagement and compels them to scroll through the website
  • Amplifies the look and feel of the website and makes it worth the audience’s while and effortlessly spark their interest
  • Gives a whole new direction to the lead generation and conversion possibilities of the brand

Over To You 

Embedding Instagram has become the modern, smart strategy to attract the attention of the audience, boost the brand’s authenticity, and increase the word-of-mouth selling potential.

If you have been on a hunt for tools that can help you embed  Instagram feeds on your website, hope this blog helped you out with some robust options.