We are living in a society where security can become a valuable ally in our overall practices. But how can you make sure you minimize the risk to your security? Coming in a variety of image resolutions, the CCTV security system provides a comprehensive successful surveillance system for your business or residence. Installation of a security camera system will help to see an entire property for preventing crime. Hence, there are many steps to consider when specifying the correct CCTV security system. The first step in a successful CCTV project is to outline the key objectives of the CCTV camera in Dubai. Just as:

  • How many cameras are required for the process?
  • What are the basic key FOV (Field Of View)?
  • What are the recording requirements?
  • What are the lighting conditions of each camera?
  • Where do I need live video monitoring?
  • How long do you need to retain the video files?

Numerous cameras need to be selected based on the FOV and lighting conditions. Also, it is important to note each camera mounting locations that are best suited to the location. You need to select the products that best fit your CCTV system requirements and help you’re your time and money. A professional surveillance system might not be a cheap endeavor for considering the best possible system. Here, we guide the novice CCTV buyer in reviewing the camera and recording system for CCTV surveillance requirements. This article contains information to help in the design, products, and installation decision for CCTV security system that makes it easy for you for both commercial and residential customers. Let’s take a look at brief descriptions of the types of CCTV security camera that makes it the ideal solution to scale coverage quickly and easily for you:

Indoor Dome Camera

The market is full of different types of CCTV cameras to ensure your security. Dome security camera is used in 90% of general indoor applications. They are highly versatile and come in a variety of configurations including standard color, Day/Night, and Infrared versions. It can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface, making it an ideal solution for reliable surveillance in rugged conditions. Most dome CCTV cameras in Dubai offer high resolution, as well as varying options ranging from 2-6 megapixels in certain applications. In addition, dome cameras are a primary choice in indoor camera locations providing you unparalleled coverage for nearly any use case. 

Outdoor Dome Cameras

Do you know security is essential in every sphere of life? Most outdoor dome cameras have hard shell vandal-roof casings that offer the same versatility in a variety of lens options. They are designed to be waterproof, so monitoring is ongoing despite weather conditions. Day/Night outdoor dome cameras have entry and exit points with limited lighting during the night, making them an effective deterrent for crime and vandalism. Although choosing the right CCTV installation in Dubai is also essential, you should know to pick up the best one. 

Day/Night Camera

Probably Day/Night cameras are the best way to keep an eye on your property in live or recorded formats. These cameras are the best choice for they can record clear images irrespective of the light conditions. The Day/Night camera functions effectively with low light recording yet clear capture both in color or black or white recording conditions. It makes a perfect choice for business premises with 24/7 recording ability at any place. 

Infrared Camera

Our day-to-day life is experiencing higher levels of security each day. Infrared cameras are induced with infrared technology to capture videos during no-light conditions. They are usually expensive as they can record in the dark with no light available. Infrared cameras are the best option for any high-security place that requires views in total darkness with crystal-clear recordings. 

PTZ Camera

As the name reflects, the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera offers the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the lens to view in all directions. It includes auto-tracking applications that dynamically track objects where live monitoring is required. With the increase in the number of crimes, the PTZ camera helps you monitor and have full control of everything recorded. It is ideal for remote viewing and even allows the lens to be zoomed closer or farther.  


Selecting the proper camera for the right application is the first vital step. What many people don’t know they are frequently asked “What type of CCTV camera should they buy”? Here, we will be covering things to consider that make it unique and more suitable for some venues over others. Take a look:


If you can go with the right lens, it will ensure that you receive a quality image for the current time and recorded viewing. Make sure you are choosing the right lens that will allow your camera to focus to see exactly what’s happening in all situations and reaches the sensor and enhance pictures. 


A good security plan can be your best defense against criminal activity. The next thing to consider is to take note of finding the right sensor that is the type and size of the camera. CCD and CMOS are commonly known to produce clearer images and are ideal for identifying faces when investigating incidents.


Conducting the high resolution can help determine your completely necessary needs. The highest resolution you can consider is 700 TVL. Consider purchasing a CCTV camera in Dubai that matches the resolution that your camera can produce. 


There are a lot of CCTV cameras available in the market and the online world. But, keep in mind to gather some essential information before purchasing a CCTV camera. Choosing the wrong one can cost both your time and money. Ensure the above factors and mark everything appropriately. Identify and check CCTV cameras before investing, so you can achieve good results.

We hope this information is helpful to you.