Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Best places for destination wedding in Jaipur, when people are planning the wedding the first thing that comes to their mind is where to have a wedding. The destination wedding in Jaipur makes a bride’s and the groom’ day beautiful to enjoy and be loved away from their homeland.

Places for Destination Wedding in Jaipur

There are so many beautiful wedding stations built to hold wedding venues. And, if you are looking for the best wedding destinations in Jaipur, you are choosing us right. Luxury My Wedding will help you organize your wedding at the most popular resorts we have connected in Jaipur.

New Beginning of The Life with Destination in Jaipur

The day of the wedding begins the new beginning of the life of couples. This is the most desirable and long-awaited moment for each person to be fulfilled. People of different religions celebrate their kind of marriage with all cultures, which is a difficult task. At Luxury My Wedding, we will help you organize every function without stressing the family.

Here we will arrange your wedding destination with popular Jaipur resorts as per your choice. In addition, Luxury My Wedding will arrange top quality services and arrangements at your destination within budget.

Benefits of Destination Wedding in Jaipur

A destination wedding is to enjoy a wedding in different beautiful places away from home town. Here in Jaipur, who defines the pure image of royal places as it is the capital of Rajasthan known for the land of natural beauty and the best travel destination? Their open-air terrace offers an attractive view of the whole palace, making the environment rustic. You can host different functions with private meals to enjoy moments.

Destination wedding in Jaipur can help you get away from the hectic life of metropolitan cities. Jaipur has the first class places with gardens and open air palaces. Jaipur has earned the rank of best destination to organize wedding or function. The place will give you a positive vibe of traditional culture with royal and historical costumes. Therefore, if you have planned your wedding destination in Jaipur, you need to book it a little early. As last minute arrangements do not go smoothly.

Wedding Destination Resorts in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan also known as the Pink City. The beautiful gardens, forts and large open palaces make it more rustic and picturesque. It is the largest city in Rajasthan which emits royal vibes to every visitor. We have listed some 4 to 5 star wedding hotels in Jaipur below that will make you fall in love.

  • Heritage wedding resort Jaipur
  • Pride Amber Villas Resort
  • Green palms wedding resorts
  • Cambay Resort Jamdoli Jaipur
  • Jaipur Marriott Hotel
  • Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Destination Wedding cost in Jaipur

The cost of the destination wedding is obviously the next question to ask. Here we set the cost of the destination wedding in Jaipur based on the packages. Approximately, the cost of destination wedding in Jaipur is 16-18 lakhs by visiting for 2 days. This is the average cost of your wedding which can be increased or decreased according to your needs.

But don’t worry about arrangements and packages. However, this is the most reasonable rate for the wedding compared to the international wedding package. Our professional wedding planners will oversee everything including guest arrivals, venue decor, catering and other vendors.

Luxury My Wedding Serves the Best

Moreover, Luxury My Wedding will help you organize the best wedding in Jaipur. We will put you in touch with the best wedding times according to your request and help you choose the best resort. The resort we have mentioned above offers you the best amenities for every function of your budget. Different themes depending on the functions will be offered to you who make the whole scenario breathtaking.

Our goal is to make your wedding the most beautiful and memorable day of your life. That is why we organize everything that is very beautiful and make your dream wedding come true. If you have any questions, you can contact our top wedding planners in Jaipur. Advantages of choosing us:

  • Strong network
  • Great facilities
  • Top class arrangement
  • Professional wedding planners
  • Hardworking team
  • Top catering department
  • Best photo/videographers
  • Popular wedding venues
  • Number of themes for every function