Travelling gets us all very excited. Whether it’s a day out, a weekend trip or a long holiday, the joy that comes along with just the idea of travelling is unparalleled. We start our planning way ahead to make sure that we can draw out maximum fun from the trip. 

Next time you plan a trip, don’t remember to miss out on the little things that can give your trip the extra spark. Carrying travel accessories is one of those few things. Whether it’s an ideal backpack, a funky hat or even minimal jewellery, all combine in unison to make your trip magical. An accessory that you cannot afford to miss out on is a pair of glasses. 

Glasses come for every mood and occasion and hence, there is also one for the fun activity of travelling. How do you choose an ideal pair of glasses for your trip? No need to worry as we have got you covered.

Here are some of the best glasses’ styles that you can carry along on your trip to bring in an element of elegance and enhance the fun part. For your convenience, you can shop for these spectacles online.

Oversized Frames

Oversize may just be the perfect size, when the talk is about glasses. You may have spotted many celebrities with such frames. Gone are those days when designer glasses were hard to afford. Tom Archer, a brand of Manchester-born eyewear startup – Specscart – has an amazing collection of designer glasses for men and women, at pocket-friendly prices.

With their funky and playful appearance, oversized glasses are a perfect companion for a traveller. 

Round Glasses

The craze around the retro round glasses will never come to a halt – thanks to its versatility. To bring the touch of a traveller, you can go for the highly fashionable tortoiseshell frames. 

Clear Glasses

A masterclass when your travel destination is the beach! You can pick the ones with a shade of ocean blue to match both the appearance and vibes of the waves.

It is to be noted that the use of clear glasses is not limited to just the beaches, but goes much beyond it. Clear glasses hold a strong ability to highlight your eyes and enhance your facial features.

Cat-eye Frames

The angular structure of the cat-eye frames, particularly its upswept ends makes it an ideal pair of ladies glasses. Using it for travelling purposes can take your style game to a different level altogether. As you enjoy the beautiful landscape through your elegant cat-eye glasses, you might catch some people staring at your glasses, rather than the landscape.


How can we not talk about sunglasses, when the topic is glasses for travelling. You are bound to get exposed to the sun rays – when outdoors – during your trip. No, the sun rays – in its entirety – is not at all an issue. Long-term exposure of UV rays, a component of sun rays, can prove to be really harmful for your eyes. Sunglasses are not only a pair of fashion glasses but also a pair that can go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy.

Whether at the beach or on the mountains, do remember to take your necessary sunglasses pair along. Any inhabitable place on the planet you travel to, the sun will always be there by your side. On your part, you need to ensure that you have a pair of sunglasses by your side.