We can control and access our computers by using Android applications. Users can easily connect their PC hardware to Android devices with the help of various apps. Such apps allow people to securely control their PC, mobile, or server. It follows a simple process, and you just need to setup RDP or VNC on your system. After this, install and configure compatible apps on your computer and android mobiles. Thus, users can securely connect to the configured system from any location.

Let’s discuss the ways to control our PC:

1) Using Teamviewer Application:

It is considered an all-in-one remote control solution that provides amazingly fast and safe access to PCs and mobile phones. It is extremely efficient for you and your team to access any system remotely. This tool is quite efficient because it provides online support to customers.

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Additionally, support is also offered to administer unattended PCs or servers across different platforms. It is the easiest app and equipped with advanced features for remote monitoring. It offers support for several devices, which makes it a multi-platform solution. Connect to all major desktop and mobile platforms with the help of this app.

Screen support is also supported through such a wonderful app. Single window console assists in managing contacts, devices, sessions, etc. Chat and VoIP features are also offered for grabbing the attention of more users. These features are extremely efficient for making calls, conferences, and meetings. Remote sessions can be recorded in this way. The shared clipboard feature is very beneficial for the users.

This feature allows copying and pasting text, images, and files without any problem. Files can be transferred across any two remote devices with a speed of up to 200 MB/s. Controlled access is supported through trusted devices. The remote connection is protected with powerful 256-bit AES. It offers offline help videos and documents, which include tutorials are also supported in this regard.

2) Using VNC Viewer:

It is a remote control application from RealVNC which establishes secure, seamless, and reliable cloud connections. Such a tool gives you instant remote access to your PCs or servers from any location by using your mobile. This free and open-source solution permits you to connect to all popular desktop operating systems. Such an exceptional tool can be connected to all popular desktop operating systems.

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Third-party VNC-compatible software can be used for allowing connection with computers. Moreover, backup and sync connection details are also provided for the sake of the user’s convenience. Bluetooth keyboards and mics are supported for easy control on mobile devices.

Multiple authentication schemes are offered to prevent attacks and port scans. Eavesdropping by malicious entities can be easily prevented by making use of this tool. Whole connection encryption is quite helpful in this regard. Attacks and port scans can also be prevented by blacklisting unauthorized users. Users can also avail online documentation as well as support through chat and email.

It offers a cloud-only free subscription to VNC Connect for home users. Jabra Bluetooth headset with mic is extremely beneficial for allowing users to connect it with multiple devices for enjoying uninterrupted music. Surrounding interference can also be eliminated with the help of its noise-canceling mic.

3) Microsoft Remote Desktop:

It is regarded as a perfect tool to accomplish your needs on a Windows system remotely by using an Android mobile device. You do need to install any software on the remote system. This Windows-only solution is packed with basic features like a shared clipboard.

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A rich multi-touch experience is offered, which supports Windows gestures by using RemoteFX. Such an amazing app also provides access to remote resources like printers. Furthermore, access to local storage of Android from remote Windows apps is also offered in this manner.

Secure connection to the remote PC is ensured through Network Layer Authentication. High-quality audio and video are supported via advanced bandwidth compression. Jabra Bluetooth headsets are designed specifically for ensuring superior sound quality to satisfy users.

4) Chrome Remote Desktop:

It is a unique browser extension for Google Chrome. You can conveniently access a PC Mac or Linux desktop from any Android device in a protected way. Remote assistance is offered over the internet by using the Google Chrome browser on various operating systems.

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This tool is freely available for commercial use to set up remote control in your organization. A one-time authentication code is shared for getting access and allows connection to Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. This tool can set up both screen sharing and remote assistance.

Additionally, saved sessions can be managed in a single place with the help of this app. Plantronics savi w440 is equipped with incredible features for the facilitation of users.

Final Words:

All the mentioned android applications are quite helpful for securely accessing your computers. Such efficient applications assist in remote access and control your PC from anywhere with the help of a stable internet connection.

These apps are extremely useful for solving different problems of people without any inconvenience. Additionally, such apps are considered best in situations where you cannot access your PC personally. Different gadgets like Jabra wireless headsets are equipped with premium sound quality and are offered at FindHeadsets at affordable prices.