Reboots are a norm in the entertainment industry. Every year, hundreds of shows and movies are remastered to make both new and old fans fall in love with the stories and characters once again.

However, not every reboot is appreciated by fans equally. The reasons might be poor execution, inconsistent stories and character details, and the addition of new elements to the story which just don’t sit well with the dynamics of a certain show.

In the following section, we are going to look at some of the worst reboots of old classic cartoons which were not able to garner much attention from cartoon lovers.

So, let’s not waste any more of your time and take a look at this failed cartoon reboots one by one

  1. Ben 10

This reboot is not nearly as good as the original Ben 10 series that aired in 2005. This reboot has poor animation, a mediocre plot, and the villains are not so great either.

The characters look weaker and way younger than they are supposed to, keeping in mind the plot of the show. The series really made it unbearable for old fans to enjoy it due to the absence of the proper action, and cool aliens which were the main attraction of the show.

  • Power Puff Girls

This new take on power puff girls used a new voice cast and drawing style which mainly disappointed fans the most. People who were used to the original iconic voices of the three superheroes felt like things were not as fun as they were in the original show.

The series focused less on the action and more on simple shenanigans and they also got rid of many beloved side characters. You can watch this series on movierulz plz for free to see for yourself how the creators did the show really wrong.

  • Teen Titans Go

Those fans who just came across the series seem to like the show but the Teen Titans fans who were there from the start find it quite unbearable to watch.

The reasons include subpar animation, a storyline that is both mediocre and inconsistent, and the action sequences which are not at all what they used to be. The show makes the characters look like spoiled brats who are not at all serious about what they do and this does not sit well with how they behaved in the real series.

  • Avengers Assemble

This series really disappointed the fans since it focused on a totally new plot than the one which was already in progress. The reason was to make the show consistent with MCU. They changed how the characters looked and behaved which threw original comic fans off.

The series has good animation but there are many unexplained plot inconsistencies that make it less enjoyable.

  • The Thundercats

This reboot really did the wrong to the original series and affected its legacy. The characters look extremely mediocre and the graphics quality is nowhere near the original show.

This reboot made the fans really furious due to the lack of effort on the writers and drawing crew’s part. So, steer away from this particular reboot if you really value your time and energy.

  • Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes

This series has received mixed reviews. Some fans think the character didn’t look nearly as good as they did in the comics. There were unnecessary additions to the way they looked and behaved.

There was a lack of intense action and the villains were not as diverse as in the real series in the 90s. Fans were disappointed in the show for its tacky animation and various plot holes which were left without any second thoughts.

Final Thoughts

All these reboots were not received well by the fans since these shows already had a huge fan base and the expectations were quite high. Due to a lack of authenticity and proper execution, these series failed on both TV and streaming sites like kisscartoon.

So, now you know what are some of the worst cartoon reboots that you should stay away from to save your time. We hope this information proves helpful and we wish you the very best.