The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is one of the legal agencies working around the clock to promote a legal and safe real estate project in Islamabad and its neighbouring areas. Furthermore, the concerned department assists all housing societies with legal issues. Legal housing societies, as we all know, are always a feasible alternative for real estate investment. Furthermore, all approved housing societies are regarded as trustworthy by investors, who are confidence in their investment like Lahore Smart City. This article lists all of the CDA-approved housing societies that will be offered.

Capital Development Authority (CDA)

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is a legal entity established on June 14, 1960, by the Pakistan Capital Regulation. Furthermore, this department works successfully and efficiently to assist citizens and investors in Islamabad and the neighbouring areas. However, certain housing societies remain illegal, and CDA is doing everything it can to assist the people who live here.

The Benefits of Investing in CDA-Aproved Projects

The first and most important advantage of investing in CDA-approved organisations is the trust and confidence of all investors. Legal housing societies, as we all know, are a more reliable real estate option. Furthermore, locals believe that their hard-earned money is in good hands, and they will make a home or other business investment with confidence.

Another advantage of investing in a legal housing society like Silver City is that development work is always completed fast. Furthermore, before investing in any real estate project, investors and potential inhabitants consider this to be a bonus. Legal housing societies, on the other hand, are typically more expensive than illegal housing societies. Legal housing societies, on the other hand, are accessible at reasonable prices. One such example is the Discovery Gardens Islamabad , which is both affordable and convenient.

Housing Societies With CDA Approval

The CDA has approved and granted legal status to a number of housing organisations. Because of the location of various development projects, such as the Blue World City location, investors sometimes confuse RDA housing societies with CDA’s housing scheme. The following are the CDA-Approved Housing Societies:

• Al Hamra Street

• Al Makkah, Saudi Arabia

• The Army Welfare Trust

• Agro Farms Anza Zephyr Dale

• Al-Hamra Hills Agricultural Scheme

• Phase I of the Bahria Enclave Housing Scheme

• Agro Farming Scheme in Bahria Enclave-II

• Phase II of the Bahria Enclave, Housing Scheme

• Garden City of Bahria

• Bahria City (Phase-III-E & IV)

• Bahria City (Phase-VII-E)

• Phase VII of Bahria Town

• Phases II, III, V, and VI of Bahria Town

• Employees of the Cabinet Division Co-operative Housing Society

• Capital Enclave

• CBR City

• Engineers’ Collaborative

• Engineers Housing Program

• Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation) (FGEHF)

• Employees Federation

• Park Enclave Housing Scheme (FIA)

• The Grace Valley

• Housing Scheme in Gulberg Greens Farm

• Gulberg Residencia Housing Scheme (IBECHS Ph-III)

• Gulshan-e-Rabia

• Gulshan-e-Sehat

• Gardens of Islamabad

• Model Town of Islamabad

•Jinnag City Garden

  • Phase I of Jinnah Garden
  • Phase II of Jinnah Garden

• Jinnah Village

• Kashmir Gardens Farming Project

• Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase I (Extension)

• Phase-I of Khayaban-e-Kashmir

• Phase-II of Khayaban-e-Kashmir

• Margalla View Housing Project

• Employees of the Ministry of the Interior Co-operative Housing Society

  • Morgah City

• Phase-I of Multi Gardens

• Phase II Multi Gardens

• Employees’ Cooperative Housing Society of the National Assembly

• National Law Enforcement Foundation

• Naval Base Anchorage

• Islamabad’s New Garden

• The PF Housing Scheme

• Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme (Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme) (Pakistan

• Simly Dam Road, Islamabad, Pakistan Navy Farms

• Paradise City

• Park View City Housing Project

• Enclave of Parliamentarians

• Housing Scheme in Rahman Enclave

• The River Garden

• Housing Scheme of Roshan Pakistan (RP) Corporation

• Senatorial Avenue

• Co-operative Housing Services Society

• Soapstone Gardens

• Housing Scheme for Supreme Court Employees

• Tele Gardens Housing Project

• WWF Labor Colony (

• Zaraj Real Estate


Capital Development Authority is one of the legal authorities in charge of all legal concerns pertaining to Islmabada and its surrounding development projects. Furthermore, this department works around the clock to build real estate developments in Islamabad and the adjacent areas. The nicest thing about CDA-approved housing societies is that they have the faith and confidence of investors. Furthermore, all authorised housing societies are well ahead of non-approved ones in terms of development. All of these factors attract investors to invest in CDA-approved housing plans. Finally, if you want further information on recognised housing societies, go to Property Saga’s official website.