Using high-quality employee onboarding software can revolutionise the way that you do business, helping you keep track of staff and cut costs. 

Onboarding software is designed to make it easy to manage staff while staying within budget. You can use software tools to train team members, manage workplace responsibilities, and retain your best talent. 

If you’re wondering how you could use onboarding software to cut costs and improve employee retention at your company, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is onboarding software?

Onboarding software is a digital human resources tool used to deliver engaging learning and management experiences for new members of your professional team. 

Using onboarding software allows you to automate many elements of the recruitment and staff training processes. This makes it easier than ever to get all staff up to speed without spending too much time or money on overly complicated training programs. 

The benefits of onboarding software

There are many benefits to using onboarding software. Here are just a few things you can gain from a great software system! 

Streamlined induction

When a new employee joins your team, chances are that they’ll need some training. An orientation or induction process can help new staff understand your business and the requirements of their role. 

Onboarding software allows you to deliver fast, streamlined induction education, welcoming new staff quickly and efficiently. You can use onboarding software to provide staff with access to all the learning materials they’ll need, including company policies and rules. This helps you ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities and of your company’s rules and regulations. 

Easy access to future training

Even long-term staff members sometimes need to brush up on their skills. You can use onboarding software to keep everyone on the same page. 

Using onboarding software enables you to manage ongoing training and professional development more effectively than ever before. Digital learning spaces and systems provide staff with opportunities to train independently. This is especially helpful if you have a large and busy staff team!

Low-risk practical experience

During the learning process, onboarding software is a great way to provide new employees with practical experience without risking your company’s professional reputation. 

Onboarding software systems allow staff to complete tasks within the parameters of a learning program. You can allow staff to learn about company policy and data privacy rules without the risk of appointing someone inexperienced to a real workplace task. This means you can trust that you’re providing new employees with the skills they need in a low-risk environment. 

Time and cost savings

Onboarding software has the power to save you plenty of time and money that would otherwise be wasted on less efficient training and onboarding processes. 

Instead of spending office hours walking a new team member through your company policies, processes, and systems, you can use onboarding software to automate education. Staff can complete onboarding tasks at their own pace, with software providing feedback to advise you of their performance. In the long run, this can save you hours of time and help you cut operational costs!

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