Being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is home to 1.3 billion people. One can witness a vivid variety of festivals, customs, rituals, and traditions on the continent. But what’s most exciting is their mouth-watering heavenly delicious foods. If you have ever tasted African foods, you would know how hard it gets to resist their cravings. Whether you’re holding a grand homecoming party or just a casual get-together, these African foods will light up your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Read our top African food picks now and present your show-stopping meal at the party.

Mealie Bread:

Mealie Bread is the African version of cornbread. This flavour-edge dish will suit your taste buds in the most incredible way ever. Filled with bits of corn, sugar, fresh basil leaves, and smoked paprika, this jimmy johns menu is one of the most delicious cuisines in South Africa.

Bunny Chow:

Do not let any misconceptions creep in, the dish is far beyond its name. This heavenly delicious South-African dish will leave you wanting more. The dish is prepared from meat (chicken, or any other you want), potatoes, and chickpeas and showered with the goodness of spices, is a sheer delight for taste buds. It will give you a unique sandwich taste when stuffed in hollow bread.

Jollof Rice:

Want to taste the goodness of one-pot West-African foods? TO pack your foods you need custom burger boxes for this. Try Jollof Rice. As the name suggests, the dish is prepared with rice and garnished with tomato paste, scotch bonnet, onions, and spices including pimento peppers. If I have to describe it in one word, this Nigerian Dish is just irresistible.


Do you want to try an African staple dish? Go for Fufu. This dish is insanely famous among West and Central African people. If you ever visit the Caribbean, you would find it on the table of every other person. You would be delighted to know that this dish can be made in about fifteen minutes. Amazing, right? Serve it with sauce, stew or soup for multiplying its deliciousness.


This famous Ethiopian dish will blow your mind with its amazing taste. Kitfo is a mouth-watering tasty hamburger seasoned with the goodness of spices. The dish is enriched with flavours and the authentic taste of East Africa.

Lentil sambusas:

If you have tried the Indian snack ‘Samosa’ earlier, then you should give this dish a try. This Ethiopian appetizer is a sort of hand pie stuffed with delicious spices, vegetables and in some cases minced meat. Served with sauce, Lentil Sambusas taste will endeavour on your mind forever.

Ful Medames:

If you still haven’t tried Ful Medames, this is the sign to give this Egyptian dish a try. The unique blend of fava beans with seasoned onions and spices will surely rock your heart. Serve it with vegetables or bread for a tasty, complete meal. Click here for the ga’at recipe.


Matbucha is a classic North African dish prepared from tomatoes, smoked paprika, garlic, bell peppers, and olive oil. This customary Mediterranean salad will add the spiciness you lack to your meal. Try this dish for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Malva Pudding:

Don’t miss the chance to try the deliciousness of a South- African dessert. Enriched with buttery flavour, and spongy caramelised texture, Malva Pudding is a sheer delight for the sweet tooth. The pudding is served with ice cream or whipped cream to add more fun and taste to it. Hope you enjoyed reading it! Try these amazing African foods to add deliciousness to your events. If you liked the article or find it useful, give it a thumbs up. Tell us which African dish is your favourite in the comments below.