What is a Tally Dedicated Server?

Tally Dedicated Server is a kind of remote-operated server that is completely dedicated to a single person or an organization. This type of server is completely private, and as a result, it is not shared with other users or services.

What are the features of the Tally Dedicated Server?

Auto backup Transfer

By hosting the Tally account to our Cloud servers, you are free from manual backup hassle and migrate Tally data on Cloud without any downtime and problems.

Highest Speed

Our Dedicated Server for Tally is optimized for Tally’s fastest job for efficiency and customer independence.

All inclusive

We offer an “All inclusive” principle for our service which includes remarkable storage, Tally users access, regular backups, 24*7 support, & Tally customization.

Maximum Uptime

Our Tally Dedicated Servers are equipped with professional tools to ensure speedy and constant Tally operation on our reliable and dedicated server.

What is a Tally Based VM?

Virtualization technology allows VM Servers to deliver a fully equipped and functioning virtual environment. It usually has two modes: paravirtual mode and full virtual mode, with the paravirtual mode designed to perform programs of computer in a platform-independent environment and the full virtual mode intended to function as a stand-in for a real system.

What are the features of Tally Based VM?

Dependable Equipment

The foundation of your Tally server is equipped with reliable and productive fault-tolerant infrastructure equipment.

Reliable Data Center

In our Tier 3 Data Centers, users Tally ERP and data are hosted in high-speed Virtual Machines. Using Tally On Remote Desktop Connection, users can access it from Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device.


Using the REST API application interface, the user can automate tasks related to their own cloud infrastructures like virtual machines, networks, and data storage.

Dedicated IP

Each VDS / VPS server is provided with a static external IP address; this is a free method of accessing sever from the outside.

​Difference Between Tally VM & Tally Dedicated Server

When Tally Dedicated Server is mentioned, they are a physical system, however, when mentioned about Tally VM Servers, they are software packages, not a physical server.

When users own a dedicated server, they completely own it all, however, when you have a virtual server, you have only the portion of the server and can have access to only that part of the server.

Virtual servers are usually accessed on a Dedicated server, where the resources are shared among numerous virtual servers. A software package is also deployed by the dedicated server.

In rare situations, Virtualization can produce performance concerns due to contention of resources. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are not affected by this issue.

A dedicated server is a single-tenant setting in which access to the hardware is granted only to one client, whilst VM servers are multi-tenant settings in which the virtual server environment can be accessed by a sole client but the hardware is split by two or more users.


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