Have you ever wanted to open a restaurant but couldn’t afford to build or even rent a space? Well, there’s a way to make that dream a reality.

Rather than creating or renting a restaurant, you may set up a resto in your own house, manage it with interactive restaurant menu QR code software to reach out to consumers.

What is a resto?

As the name implies, a resto can be either located in the owner’s kitchen or rent a small space for their business.

A resto is a restaurant that has minimal number of servers, tables, parking spaces, or any other physical features.

Chefs and cooks may now start a small business without a lot of capital thanks to the rising online ordering setup, such as GrubHub and DoorDash, because they don’t have to create an actual restaurant or even rent a building to service to consumers.

In essence, resto are physical spaces where chefs or cooks can prepare food for consumption onsite or even offsite as long as there are available chairs to fill in.

How can a resto operate with a digital menu app?

An end-to-end service provider that helps restaurants create an online ordering platform for their consumers is interactive restaurant menu QR code software, also known as, a digital menu app. Some even use it to create menu QR codes for their store’s tables.

A resto can use this program for various purposes, including tracking orders and analyzing client data.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software can help resto business a lot. What’s more, here’s why:

  1. Without the necessity for coding, a resto can have a website to post all of their information and details.
  2. Customers may quickly obtain information and facts about a resto using their cellphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets.
  3. Using their website, a resto may create an online ordering platform. They would no longer need to work with GrubHub or DoorDash due to this.
  4. A resto can display their menu items (meals, drinks, and combos).
  5. When a consumer puts an order through their website, a resto can receive a quick notification via the software’s dashboard. The digital menu app will also notify customers when their orders have been processed, prepped, and ready to be delivered.
  6. Customers’ information will be stored in a database at a resto (e.g., contact numbers and orders). The data collected can target customers and give them specials or notify them of menu changes, for example.
  7. Customers’ orders allow ghost cooks to keep track of their inventory and determine which menu items are the most popular.
  8. Customers can easily scan a menu QR code inside a resto, place an order, and pay without waiting for a staff to cater them.


A resto can get a lot of advantages from using interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

They’ll be able to effortlessly administer their ordering platform thanks to the software’s ability to track all relevant data, such as customer information and order details.

If you want to start your restaurant but don’t have a physical location or can’t afford one, set up a resto and use interactive restaurant menu QR code software to create and run your online ordering platform.