A new breakthrough in the world of printing and one that is expected to spread its wings into other countries is Direct To Fabric (DTFC). As we all know, printing is one of the oldest forms of mass production. The printing industry has been used since the inception of the printing trade. And until now, it has always relied on manual processes like lithography and engraving.

The advantages of using this type of process are plenty. The process involves the direct manipulation of a solid object directly from a computer. This results in an increase in the quality output from the printing press. In simple words, the fabric can be made ready for the pressing process using the same quality material. With the use of a computer generated graphic engraving software, a high quality image file of the fabric is produced.

The quality output is very good and so are the costs involved with the process. But this kind of technology is still in its infancy. And as such the majority of garment manufacturers in Bangladesh do not have the technology. So if you too want to save on the cost of printing, you should go in for a D TOF printing machine in Bangladesh.

Another advantage of a D TOF fabric is that you can also utilize the services of a graphic print shop. The printing process here is far more efficient, as opposed to lithography. And that is exactly what fabric printing machines in Bangladesh are capable of. The process involves the direct manipulation of the design by using a computer and then getting the design printed on the fabric. It is a fairly simple process. All that is required is to print the design directly onto the garment.

Now let us look at the disadvantage of using this kind of garment printing machine. The obvious drawback is that there will be no color separation between the garment and the print. This is why the design on the fabric has to be scrutinized carefully before the garment is being finalized. If the design is not suitable, there is always the option of having it corrected by a customer service center of the company.

It would be interesting to note that there are some companies in India which specialize in fabric printing machines. They manufacture such machines and also sell them to customers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Their products are widely available in garment markets.

Before purchasing a direct to fabric printing machine in Bangladesh, you must ensure that it is made of good quality material. The print outs produced should also be of high quality. Only then you will be able to avail of benefits like quality and cheap prints. You should also ensure that the printing process is properly done on the fabric. The number of colors that can be used in a single screen can be determined after taking into consideration factors like the number of colors that are present in the design and the number of colors required per square inch. This will enable you to know the value of your investment.

If the direct to fabric printing machine is purchased from manufacturers, they can be contacted and provided with details on how to maintain the machine, the cost of repair and replacement and how to upgrade it when required. You must be careful while making your purchases so as to avoid problems later. It is advisable to do adequate research so as to have a clear idea of what is available on the market and how it can be best utilized. Once you have the basic knowledge of fabric printing machines, there will be no stopping your business from becoming successful.

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