We all like to put up special something on our loved person’s birthday. But often we find ourselves on a tight budget to cover all the arrangements we have planned for. We tend to curtail the cost of the birthday cake or even compromise with the gift that we have thought of buying. But we completely forget that if we just make the decoration all by ourselves at our home without purchasing any fancy items from the store, we can bring down the cost to a great extent. Read on to know more about how you can make decorative items as good as that of the store-bought, all by yourself.  A little extra help will also be very helpful. So, feel free to involve others in doing so.

Festive Garlands

Birthday decoration can’t be thought of without festive garlands. They are a must for any birthday party to look good. You can make cupcake garlands or liners made out of paper fans. The easiest will be to make multicolored patterned (triangle, hexagonal, star) garlands. Paper candle liners also look well.  Zigzag streamers are also simple yet decorate the space beautifully.

Making a confetti wall

You can easily create a cool wall for all to click Insta-ready pictures, simply by using colorful confetti. It is really easy to make. Keep a pattern in mind while pasting them on the wall and who knows you can just blow the mind of your guests with the little piece of art.


Birthday banners are usually the centerpiece of decoration. It could be as simple as a HAPPY BIRTHDAY written banner or if you want to add a personal touch you can also make a banner expressing your precious thoughts for your loved one. You can also use balloon garlands to make the banner a fancy one. 

Confetti balloons

When you can’t think of filling up a spare space at the corner, transparent balloons filled with confetti will surely look amazing and serve the purpose very well too. To surprise your guests you can pop them at the right moment for a confetti shower.

Paper made decorative items

Paper-made showpieces like lanterns are very easy to make and are also an innovative way to create a breath-taking ambiance.  You can use materials like tissue papers, old magazine papers, or even glossy newspaper pages for creating items like a paper star, fans, flowers, hanging chains, ribbon chandeliers, rosettes, or theme-based objects.

Using LED lights

We all have strings of LED lights stashed away in the storeroom. Bring them out and hang them along with the banners or the balloons and see the change it brings about with their warm glow. To accentuate the décor you can also place glass vases with fairy lights inside them at the table to be used for cutting the birthday cake.


If you want, you can make anything possible. Some of the items are easy to make than the others but we are very sure to have inspired you with some wonderful DIY ideas.