You are tired from work and want some “me time” to watch something interesting online. But your phone is not charged, now? Of course, you’ll set your device, but it will take an hour or more to blame. But what if your device’s ports are blocked, and you can’t charge your phone? Also, you are experiencing inserting your cable into the ports. Now, you are thinking; there must be dust or debris in the charging ports. It is time to approach the right technicians at a mobile phone repair shop in Southend On Sea. However, this is where you’ll find the best technicians in your town, and you can resolve your issue. Also, you’ll get a chance to get essential tips on how to clean or maintain your device’s charging ports. 

Reasons Your Charging Port is not Working

Dust and dirt particles can quickly enter your mobile phone when you move your smartphone from desk to bag. A bunch of dust particles is likely blocking your phone from charging. Therefore, cleaning your mobile charging ports before heading to the experts at the mobile phone repair shop in Southend, On, Sea is good.

Tools To Use in Cleaning the Charging Port.

You don’t need to gather heavy or hard tools and equipment. You can even get tools from your house and clean your device’s charging ports. All you have to do is to gather a bundle of cotton swabs, paper towels, and toothpicks. Also, you can clean the charging ports with a dry and clean cloth. 

Steps to Clean Your Phone’s Charging Ports

The experts at Gadget Magic UK advise their customers to be very careful while cleaning the charging ports of their phones. First, you must collect all vital information on how to clean the ports and essential equipment. Now, let’s explore the other procedure step by step. 

  1. First, turn off your mobile phone and ensure your device is not connected to the charger or switchboards. 
  2. Now, grab a box of toothpicks and start cleaning the ports. You can remove the dust and debris from your phone’s charging ports through the toothpick sticks.
  3. Try to move your toothpick sticks in a circular motion and avoid moving them in a straight form and complex. If you do so, you will damage the internet connection points. 
  4. Now, take the torch and see any dust particles in the ports. If you find any dust particles, you can clean them with a soft cloth. 
  5. You can fold the piece of cotton and wrap it up on the toothpick. Now, put the prepared toothpick inside the port and clean it. 
  6. Lastly, you can insert the charger into the charging ports and check whether it is charging well. 
  7. The experts at the Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea suggest their customers use an air compressor can for removing the dust and debris from the phone’s charging ports. 

Try to Remove Water from the Ports.

Your phone’s charging ports are clean, but still, it is not charging, right? There must be water in your phone’s charging ports. You can dry your phone by keeping it in dry places and avoiding using it for some time. Keeping your phone where charging ports are facing the downward position is good. 

Keep Your Device Maintain

To maintain your device, you must take essential precautions to avoid debris and dust from your mobile devices. It should be your responsibility and make a habit of cleaning your device’s charging ports. But be careful when following this habit because continuous contact can damage your device’s charging ports. The experts at the Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea suggest their customers clean their phones physically. You can also clean your device internally, but you have to get professional help for this process. If you want to keep your device’s functionality excellent and fast, you must remove all unimportant files, documents, and other unnecessary applications from your device. 

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