You might be interested in specific breeds such as Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, or Goldendoodles when you are looking to bring in a new member to your family. You might also consider dog rescues.

There is no reason to pick one over the other. You can find many Doodles rescues in Florida to help you bring home a dog that is still of your preferred breed. Find out more about rescues in your local area.

This is the right place to go if you are looking for Doodle rescues throughout Florida. We will admit that it is difficult to find a Doodle dog to adopt due to the Doodle pandemic.

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Doodles are easygoing, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding. This is why many people are reluctant to give them up. Many Doodles are surrendered each year to rescues to be adopted by people who can no longer care for them.

1. Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

Doodle Rescues in Florida

Oodles of Doodles’ Southeast location offers a variety of Doodles from all over Florida. They are located in Florida near Boca Raton, which makes it easy to find the right dog for you and bring it home faster.

They do not have a facility for dogs to be housed. Instead, they are placed with foster families until adopted into homes like yours.

You will need to complete an application, refer friends, and conduct a home visit to adopt one of these Doodles. After you have received the Doodle, you will have a two-week trial period to ensure that it is a dog you can take care of.

To ensure that your dog is happy in your home, you will need to fulfill certain requirements. This organization is a specialist in Doodle dogs from Florida’s southern kill shelters. The dogs are then saved.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

2. IDOG Rescue

Doodle Rescues in Florida

This rescue specializes in Goldendoodles or Labradoodles. They also help dogs across the country. This means that you won’t be able to find specific dogs in Florida but you can find dogs who are available for adoption in Florida.

The non-profit Doodles Rescue has been in existence since 2006. They rescue dogs from shelters and help them with rehoming. IDOG Rescue is a shelter that works with all kinds of dogs.

They even take in Doodles who are ill or have behavioral problems to ensure that they get the best home possible. They rescue and adopt many Doodles each year, and they are one of our best options.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

3. Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Doodle Rescues in Florida

Poodle and Pooch have several locations across the country. One location in Florida offers assistance to dogs of all breeds. This non-profit organization accepts older dogs, as well as those with medical conditions and those who have suffered neglect or abuse. They accept donations to help run the rescue and provide foster-based care.

Poodle and Pooch are volunteers who help to socialize and rehab the Doodle dogs brought in. Once the dogs are ready to go, they help find them a home.

This organization can help you locate a rescue Doodle. They ensure that all dogs are healthy and ready for adoption into loving homes. You can also apply for a foster or adoption dog.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

  • Website: Pooch Rescue
  • Address: 2-50 W South St, Orlando, FL 32801
  • E-mail:

4. Good Karma Pet Rescue

Although they don’t exclusively work with Doodles, it’s possible to find one at their facility. They are focused on helping cats and dogs that require extra care to find permanent homes. They were founded in 2011 and are based in South Florida.

Good Karma Dog Rescue covers all medical costs for each pet, including food, vaccinations, and rehabilitation. Each pet is placed with a foster family to ensure they are socialized and are a great addition to any family.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

  • Address: 3601 W Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 3309
  • Website: Good Karma Pet Rescue
  • E-mail:

5. Big Dog Ranch Rescue Florida

Big Dog Ranch is another great place that may have Doodles available for adoption. This facility, located in Loxahatchee Gardens, Florida, is one of the largest no-kill facilities in the state.

It should tell you a lot about the facility and how trustworthy they are. They rescue abandoned, neglected, and mistreated dogs. The dogs are then adopted to happy homes.

The facility has trained staff who provide exercise, socialization, and lots of playtime for their dogs. This ensures that every dog is happy and receives the support they need.

To rescue a dog at this facility, you will need to complete an extensive application form and go through a home inspection. This is a wonderful place to rescue your dog. It will also provide you with a loving companion to add to your family.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

Rescue and adoption of a dog

There are many things to consider when rescuing a Doodle. You want to ensure that these dogs are rescued from a loving family who has abandoned them. Rescue Doodles are in desperate need of you.

If you decide to adopt them, you must be ready to care for them for the rest of their lives.

Like all dogs, doodles need exercise. To help them burn off some energy, you should be able to take them on walks or play with them.

You could be in serious trouble if you don’t. If they don’t get enough exercise, doodles can become bored and destructive in your home.

Also, ensure that your home is large enough for these dogs. There are many sizes of Doodles rescue dogs.

Make sure that you have enough space for them. While some Doodles might be small or tiny, others are larger. They need more space to roam around in.

One important thing to notice about the dogs around you is their barking. Dogs bark, especially if they are adopted or rescued. Dogs can make a lot of noise, which can be annoying for neighbors.

You might want to look at a different pet if you aren’t ready for a dog who barks when they get excited when they play when they suspect danger or randomly throughout the day.

Adopting a Doodle who has already been adopted is a way to avoid potential problems. Florida Doodle rescues may have been neglected, abused, or mistreated in the past.

They may require special care or may have difficulty fitting into your home. They may require more patience than if they were adopted and trained.

Conclusion for Doodle Rescues Florida

It is important to consider all options when looking for your furry friend. A dog that is healthy and has not been neglected or abused could be adopted as a puppy.

This would make a wonderful addition to your family. You can also rescue an older Doodle from a breeding program.

Adopting a rescue Doodle is giving your dog a second chance at life. You’re also helping them to realize that humans can be great people. They will get the life they need and the love they deserve.

Adopting a puppy is fun. But, adopting an adult dog that needs you more can be great for your family. These dogs are worth your time. These dogs deserve all that you can offer. We hope you find a Doodle rescue in Florida for your dog.