Doctors nowadays contribute all the efforts towards sexual health and wellness as this complex lifestyle has led to various sexual disorders in males. These disorders prevent a couple from attaining a satisfying intimate time that leads to the healthy sexual well-being of a person. The same thing goes with the most widespread sexual issue that is Erectile Dysfunction which you can eliminate with the help of the treatment that you want for your body. 

Yes, as the medical history has given ample options for Erectile Dysfunction treatment, you can treat your ED issues with the possibility that you prefer or like the most and the one that satisfied your budget. 

The Institue of Andrology and Sexual Health is a clinic for male sexual health and well-being where you can get not one or two but a wide range of Erectile Dysfunction treatments in Jaipur. The clinic is led by Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a sexologist with a remarkable history of treating ED issues with the widest variety of treatments for you to select from.

Let us understand the different Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that can help you get over ED Issues. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in India  

Dr. Chirag Bhandari says- choosing the proper ED treatment is essential for every person to maximize the success of eliminating the issues completely from their body. The right treatment can be selected by keeping in mind various things, including your medical history, the extent of ED, age, and of course, your budget. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to treat ED in India:

1. Herbal Supplements 

People nowadays are more concerned about medication’s side effects instead of the fundamental issues as the drug’s impacts are not unavoidable. This is why people choose herbal supplements instead of medicine, as they are safe and more healthy for the body. The most effective treatments you can take to treat ED are Ginkgo biloba, Yohimbe, Korean Red Ginseng, and Saw Palmetto. Though the supplements, as mentioned earlier, are natural, you don’t know what’s inside your body that makes it essential for you to consult a good sexologist before taking them to treat ED. 

2. Medication 

Medicines and drugs are considered to be the best remedy to eliminate ED from the body. Some of the best medications that the medical field recommends are Viagra, Tadalafil, Cialis, Sildenafil, and Levitra. If the cause of your erection failure is poor or improper blood flow in the body, then these medicines are for you. They enhance blood flow in the body to help you get a better erection. 

3. Vaccum Pumps

One of the highest opted Erectile Dysfunction Treatment that 90% of the people prefer is a Vaccum Pump. Primary role of a vacuum pump is to promote blood flow in penis of a person to get instant erections. All you need to do is take the cylindrical tube and insert your penis into it and pump the air into it. 

This device is proven to be effective on around 90% of men with some minor side effects like numbness, weak ejaculation, and bruising. 

4. Sex Therapies 

Sexual issues are seen due to physical disorders that happen in the body and because of the mental problems in a person. Cases like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and poor communication can also lead to erectile dysfunction in a body. 

Sex therapies are specially designed by sexologists and psychologists. Both individual and couple therapy is given to a patient to cure their mental cause of ED for satisfying sexual intercourse. 

5. Muse 

MUSE stands for Medicated Urethral System for Erection and used by people who cannot self-inject alprostadil. By using this dissolvable pallet and inserting it into the urethra, you can get a superior erection. 

Muse can trigger your erection in less than 10 minutes that lasts long for at least an hour. You can use Muse for instant and long-lasting erections. 

6. The Latest Shockwave Therapy by Dr. Chirag Bhandari


Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the most experienced and skilled sexologist in Jaipur that has expertise in treating sexual issues like ed. In his professional career, he has learned various international methods and techniques to cure erectile dysfunction of a body. Dr. Chirag also went to Aristotle University to learn the highly-advanced and non-invasive Shockwave Therapy and brought this technique to India.

You can also use this modern and pain-less technique as your Erectile Dysfunction Treatment by taking your treatment by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, Jaipur. 

Chirag Bhandari- the best Sexologist in India at India, Jaipur

Dr. Chirag Bhanari is a renowned sexologist in Jaipur and the director of IASH, Jaipur. He has contributed his life to help people overcome sexual disorders and has excel in treating all types of sexual dysfunction. He keenly listens to his patients to determine the exact cause of ED in a body and evaluates the patient’s medical history to offer the treatment. 

Dr. Chirag offers various options for erectile dysfunction treatments in Jaipur that any person having ED issues can opt to get an ideal erection during sex. You can also book your appointment for a counseling session with Dr. Chirag, where he will help you find your perfect erectile dysfunction treatment by keeping in mind all the factors that affect the rates of your success in the cure. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now.