The definition of a ‘modern home’ has undergone multiple changes over the decades. During the ‘70s and ‘80s, a modern home, at least in the western world, meant owning a refrigerator, a washing machine, and the most basic, antiquated TVs that we can imagine today. Things are very different today, as technology has radically transformed the way we live and operate. From our smartphones to our laptops, we cannot imagine spending a day without these modern inventions.

The evolution of technology, and our proclivity to keep pushing the boundaries has resulted in us chasing the concept of technological utopianism. We want greater convenience, and our unrelenting march towards realizing a society driven by innovation and scientific fervour has pushed us to create what we call ‘smart homes’. With AI-driven appliances, interconnected with each other through the internet of things (I0T), we are truly heading towards techno-transcendence.

Keeping the futuristic conjecture aside, we look at essential home appliances that combine to create a modern home.

Exceptional TV set

A good TV set can elevate the aesthetic appeal of a house. Unlike yesteryear TV models, TVs today are sleek, elegant, and come with large screens. Top brands today offer TVs in various screen sizes, with 55-inch TVs becoming more and more popular with the consumers. Additionally, brands like LG offer OLED TVs, while other brands like Samsung manufacture QLED TV models.

These TV models are elegantly designed, and deliver captivating images. Samsung’s new TV range also comes with an artistic design, which is truly breathtaking. It can serve as a work of art — quite literally — when it is not in use. Modern houses, almost by definition, need to have modern TV units that come with best-in-class features.

Smart appliances

Nothing says ‘modern’ quite like smart appliances. From lights to doors, and from smart washing machines to smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, modern households have smart appliances to make life more convenient. For instance, if you want to know about the temperatures or local news, you can just ask Alexa via Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, and you will immediately get your answers.

Similarly, you can command the voice assistant to switch on the lights, or listen to your favourite music. You can just as well command Alexa to switch on your smart TV, or to start your smart washing machine. As consumers, we prioritize convenience, and nothing is more convenient than having a smart assistant that will take care of our chores with just a command, instead of doing things manually.

Air conditioner

The best split AC today also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can control the air conditioning unit via smart speakers. Air conditioners have become a necessity in modern Indian households to combat the soaring temperatures. No longer can we rely on traditional ceiling fans or air coolers to keep us comfortable. 

Even the best air coolers today cannot outperform air conditioners, and that is a testament to the evolution of AC technology.

Leading brands like Samsung, LG and Voltas offer exceptional air conditioning units that keep us comfortable and cosy at all times. Modern homes also use centralized ACs to facilitate uniform cooling even in large rooms, such as halls and master bedrooms.

Latest refrigerator models

Brands today also offer smart refrigerators that come with LED panels with checklists, and remind you to shop for items that are either about to run out, or have been exhausted. These smart refrigerators are impressive, and can even give you the recipes for items that you want to prepare.

If things get overwhelming, these smart refrigerators serenade you with music. Samsung arguably makes the best smart refrigerators you can find in the market today. These refrigerators come with top-of-the-line features and innovation that makes them futuristic models.

Smart washing machines

While fully automatic washing machines significantly reduce the manual effort that goes into operating the appliance, even if manual intervention is not necessary during the wash process, smart washing machines provide greater convenience. Let us assume that you have some urgent work to tend to, but have to get the laundry done at a certain time. You can program the smart washing machine so that the laundry gets done even when you aren’t around! From eliminating the need to intervene during the wash process to taking care of laundry even in your absence, washing machines have truly taken a huge leap with artificial intelligence and IoT integration.

You can also give commands to the washers via smart speakers, and let them take care of the wash process by themselves.

Thus, modern homes today are equipped with futuristic appliances that make our lives more convenient. You can purchase your preferred smart appliances, whether it is a new AC with Wi-Fi connectivity, or a smart refrigerator from top brands like Samsung without worrying about the costs involved. Just use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to make the purchase, and pay for the product in no-cost EMIs. You can also rely on flexible tenors to make bite-sized payments, thus rendering appliances affordable.