The way we live our lives, which is as crucial as planning for the future. It’s gone are those days with filthy filing cabinets and paper-based documents. Now we can access an array of tools and resources online which can simplify and improve the process of estate planning.

If you’re just beginning or revisiting your plan, these sources will aid you with the world of estate planning in the age of digital.

Online Estate Planning Services

A variety of websites offer simple-to-use tools to assist you in creating an legally valid will as well as an estate planning. These tools typically consist of the steps to complete questionnaires and templates that make it simpler to create important documents at the convenience at home.

Popular platforms such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Nolo can be a great source of assistance.

Digital Asset Management Platforms

Our lives are becoming increasingly connected to digital assets, like online accounts, files and many more. Controlling these assets is nowadays a vital aspect in estate planning.

Platforms such as “Everplans” let you centralize and manage your digital files, ranging from financial accounts to treasured family photos.

virtual consultations with estate lawyers

If you’d like individualized advice Many estate planning boca Raton FL lawyers today offer online consultations. It allows you to talk about your goals for estate planning as well as review your documents and get legal advice at the convenience of your house, making the process easier and more easy to access.

Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive offer secure spaces for storing important documents for estate planning. When you upload documents like your will or powers of attorney and any other important documents to the cloud you’ll ensure that your legal and personal representatives as well as your heirs can access them at any time regardless of whether physical copies are damaged or lost.

The information on these platforms will be secure to use, so you won’t have to be concerned about it being lost.

Digital Password Managers

Password managers such as LastPass as well as 1Password are essential to help you plan your estate. These programs safely store your login details for online accounts, and create complicated passwords.

Sharing access to an authorized person in your family or an executor you are ensuring that your online accounts can be closed or managed in accordance with your preferences.

Electronic Signature Services

Electronic signatures are widespread and legally legitimate in various areas. Platforms such as DocuSign as well as Adobe Sign allow you to electronically sign documents and do so securely which eliminates the need for personal signatures especially when distance is an issue.

Estate Planning Apps

There are apps that cover nearly all aspects of life such as estate planning. Apps such as “Will & Trust” and “Afternote” help you with making an effective will as well as managing the estate planning from your tablet or phone. They usually contain reminders and alerts to ensure your plan is current and up-to date.

Estate Planning Document Templates

Many web sites offer no-cost templates to help you prepare your estate plan including trusts, wills and powers of attorneys. Although templates can be helpful however, it’s essential to speak with an attorney in order to ensure that these documents are in compliance to local laws and suit the specific requirements of your situation.